Cloudverse: Alibaba's Subnet Now on Avalanche!

Wed 29 Nov 2023 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Mikaia A.
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Hand in hand, Alibaba and Avalanche shift into high gear. Driven by major ambitions for conquering Web3, the two aim to go further into the realm of enterprise metaverse. The latest news indicates that the Alibaba subnet has been successfully deployed on the Avalanche blockchain.

Metaverse Vector and Alibaba Cloud logo

Alibaba’s Subnet Goes Live

Last May, Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche finalised the “Cloudverse” project, the outcome of a collaboration between an infrastructure specialist and a provider of construction solutions. Thanks to this enterprise metaverse, users were able to create customized metaverse spaces.

Successful deployment of Alibaba’s subnet on Avalanche (AVAX)

Is this the Alibaba subnet?

The translation of the description attached to the pinned photo in this comment reads:

The Cloudverse blockchain network is operated and managed by MUA DAO, and carries all enterprise metaverse data within the Cloudverse solution. Cloudverse is an enterprise metaverse platform that exploits Alibaba Coud services and Avalanche ecosystem resources, built and managed by MUA DAO. It offers a complete metaverse solution for businesses and facilitates ongoing expansion through support for various devices under global conditions.

A quick look at the site provided us several details about Alibaba’s subnet.

  • Subnet name: Cloudverse Subnet;
  • EVM Chain ID: 33210;
  • Virtual machine name: EthereumVM;
  • Creation date: November 7, 2023;
  • Number of transactions (at the time of writing): 1,511
  • Number of active addresses per day: 143;
  • Etc.

Subnet or Sub-network, What Is It?

According to CloudFlare, a “subnet” is akin to a network within a network. What’s its purpose? Typically, a subnet like Alibaba’s is designed to significantly shorten the journey of data that was formerly supposed to pass through multiple routers.

Using a structure of IP addresses, it is possible to associate a range of devices with these addresses.

In other words, the rollout of Alibaba’s sub-network on Avalanche (AVAX) will guarantee a high level of convenience for Cloudverse. Because the Chinese giant now has a sub-network within this layer 1 blockchain.

Furthermore, the aim of this “unique and comprehensive solution” is to enable “businesses to customize, launch, and maintain their own metaverse space, thus creating new dimensions to attract customers.”

Let’s not forget that aside from Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche, there is a third player: MUA DAO. In this enterprise metaverse project, this decentralized autonomous organization will focus on creating service layers conducive to integrating metaverses onto the host blockchain.

It’s entirely understandable that Alibaba wants to become a leading company in the metaverse. China, where it originates, seems disinclined towards cryptocurrencies and prefers pioneering projects related to virtual worlds and Web 3.0.

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