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Crypto: AI and blockchain modernize occult practices

Mon 13 May 2024 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Evans S.
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In the digital age, where cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing industries, an unexpected merger arises: that of blockchain and occult practices. Chaweon Koo, a forward-thinking figure in this new wave, incorporates AI and blockchain into her magical rites, thus redefining the boundaries of traditional occultism. This article explores how these modern technologies are transforming ancient practices into captivating digital rituals.

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The Reinvention of Magic Through Crypto

Chaweon Koo, a pioneer of digital occultism, utilizes crypto (blockchain) not only to secure transactions but also to create magical rituals.

In June 2021, she orchestrated a landmark event: more than 100 people participated in a ritual on the blockchain Ethereum, invoking the Roman god Mercury to ensure the fluidity and insight of transactions.

This ritual, etched into block 12,610,244, symbolizes a remarkable fusion between ancient beliefs and new technologies, providing a framework where magic and crypto meet to positively influence digital activities.

This blend of technology and occultism also reveals a practical application of blockchain that goes beyond the confines of finance.

By encoding spells and intentions into a crypto transaction, Koo illustrates a new way of immortalizing human will in code, a concept that resonates deeply with the very essence of magic defined by Aleister Crowley: “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will”.

Artificial Intelligence as a Mystical Partner

In 2021, Koo integrated AI into her occult practices in a truly original way. Her project, the Goetia Glow Up, is an online course that uses AI-generated images to portray demons from the Goetia, thus illustrating the 72 spirits described in the Lesser Key of Solomon.

This approach does not merely modernize ancient grimoires; it creates a synergy where AI contributes to the reinterpretation and visualization of mystical entities.

This collaboration with AI not only allows for the rediscovery of ancient texts but also offers a new perspective on the capability of machines to participate in spiritual practices.

It leads us to reconsider the role of AI in society: far from being just a technical tool, it becomes a potential collaborator in fields as intangible as magic.

The Modernization of Occult Practices

Chaweon Koo’s work is not just limited to personal use of these technologies; she also aims to democratize these practices.

As reported by, her refusal to digitize her book “Spell Bound: A New Witch’s Guide to Crafting the Future” as an eBook indicates a desire to preserve the sacredness of the book-object while exploring the new possibilities offered by technology. This demonstrates a balance between tradition and innovation, seeking to modernize without distorting.

This duality between respecting ancient practices and boldly adopting technology invites us to contemplate ways in which tradition and innovation can coexist. Koo shows us that even in fields deeply rooted in the past, there is room for modernity without losing the original essence.

The intersection of crypto, AI, and occult practices, as practiced by Chaweon Koo, offers a fascinating illustration of how technologies can enrich and transform ancient traditions.

By harnessing blockchain and AI, Koo not only modernizes occultism; she redefines the possibilities in a world where the boundaries between the physical and the spiritual are blurring.

This bold approach opens up new paths for understanding and applying magic in the contemporary world, affirming that even the most mystical fields can evolve in harmony with technological advancements.

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