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Crypto: Ethereum, Solana, and Other Notable Blockchains Endorse a Massive Airdrop

Thu 18 Apr 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Mikaia A.
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The Saga team is weaving a bold plan to dazzle cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Indeed, they are gearing up to launch an airdrop campaign, promising an abundance of eponymous tokens and NFTs. But that’s not all. Heavyweights such as Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon stand ready to applaud this generous venture. Stay tuned to not miss out on the bounty this benefactor is about to unleash.

Saga plane, gift, globe

Saga launches a massive crypto airdrop campaign: Power-Level Over 9000!

Beware, do not be fooled by appearances. This Saga in question should not be confused with Solana’s Saga smartphone, that technological gem whose value on eBay surpasses that of the iPhone 15 Pro. No, it is rather a layer 1 blockchain, bringing a ray of hope to the dark universe of cryptocurrencies. Get ready, the Saga saga is just beginning.

The spotlight is on Saga, the layer 1 blockchain shaking up the gaming world. Their latest announcement? An airdrop campaign so massive that they’ve named it: Power-Level Over 9000! A subtle nod to “Dragon Ball Z,” which now stands as a symbol of the phenomenal magnitude of this initiative, according to Decrypt.

In partnership with over 100 projects and games, Saga promises epic rewards to those who stake their precious SAGA cryptos. The winners will receive batches of tokens and NFTs to be distributed in the coming months, according to the announcement.

« At Saga, we are immensely proud to promote collaboration and unity within the Web3 gaming community. With partners from various ecosystems, including Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, Polygon, and Avalance, our airdrop campaign serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to bringing together the Web3 gaming community. »

Each airdrop is a treasure in itself, offering a variety of prizes from several partner crypto projects. Gaming heavyweights such as Avalanche’s Shrapnel, Ethereum’s The Sandbox, and Ethereum’s Wilder World are already on the list, with more expected to be revealed in the coming days.

A network in full boil

Saga, a layer 1 network, is ushering in a universe where developers deploy their own chains, dubbed “chainlets”. This innovative concept supports an internal dynamic of support among chainlets within the Saga ecosystem.

Renowned for its prolific airdrop campaigns, Saga has set records with 13.4 billion dollars staked on Binance to get SAGA cryptos. Its recent listing on the largest crypto exchange, coupled with its mainnet launch, marks a major milestone for the platform.

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