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Crypto: Messaging protocols are evolving thanks to Web3

Fri 14 Jun 2024 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by La Rédaction C. Article native advertising
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Determined to redefine Web3 communication, Web3 data infrastructure company Entangle is launching Photon, a cross-chain messaging protocol considered the fastest in web3. With Photon, Entangle intends to open a new chapter in the history of Web3 and DeFi by enabling seamless and unprecedented interoperability between blockchains.

Crypto : Les protocoles de messagerie évoluent grâce au Web3

Photon, the fastest cross-chain Web3 messaging protocol in the world

The value of smart contracts and the extent of opportunities they offer depend on the quality and speed of communications between blockchains. To this end, Entangle, the project behind the development of Borpa, has designed Photon, an absolutely remarkable innovation that improves interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem and allows for fast and adaptable cross-chain communication.

Unlike other cross-chain communication protocols, Photon streamlines the interaction between smart contracts on various blockchains to eliminate the need to transfer tokens. With a flexible infrastructure, it operates on the basis of ultra-rapid and efficient relay agents and off-chain executors, which verify, validate, and execute cross-chain transactions.

Thanks to these components, dApps are capable of communicating with any blockchain at lightning speed. This innovation thus helps reduce latency time in blockchain activities and maximizes the quality of connection between Web3 platforms.

How does Entangle’s Photon messaging protocol work?

Photon operates in a rather simple manner. As soon as a user initiates a transaction, it triggers a cross-chain message request to the dApp via a smart contract. The relay agents evaluate this request and then transmit it to the main smart contract. Located on the Entangle blockchain, this smart contract is the controller that will verify the authenticity and consensus of the transaction.

After this verification, an authenticated message is sent to the circuit’s smart contract on the destination blockchain. The circuit connects to the dApp’s smart contract, thereby finalizing the message transfer and the execution of the cross-chain transaction. All of this happens very quickly and smoothly.

Entangle, committed to the Web3 and DeFi revolution

Entangle is the first fully customizable and interoperable Web3 data infrastructure. Photon, its cross-chain messaging protocol, opens the door to blockchain-based ecosystems and applications by facilitating cost-effective, secure, interoperable, and ultra-fast communication between smart contracts.

With the launch of Photon, Entangle solves the problem of blockages or latency times in cross-chain communication and facilitates the support of complex operations and functionalities. As one might expect, this advance will have a major impact on the overall health and dynamism of the DeFi ecosystem and on the functioning of decentralized exchanges. It will allow for:

  • Smooth cross-chain DAO governance with reduced gas fees for people holding tokens on multiple blockchains and needing to aggregate their votes conducted on several networks;
  • The aggregation of liquidity from certain blockchains to buy an asset on another blockchain in case of insufficient liquidity on that other blockchain;
  • The deposit of assets on blockchain A and borrowing of assets on blockchain B without a relay, thereby facilitating borrowing and lending between networks.  

Entangle completed its testnet project in mid-April. Its founder, Faisal Mehrban, expressed satisfaction with Photon’s speeds, which “have lived up to our expectations as the fastest solution on the market.” For now, Photon manages to serve about fifteen blockchains, a number that the Entangle team aims to increase soon. More than sixty projects have already joined the ecosystem. 

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