Crypto: Projects to watch for airdrops in 2024.

Wed 21 Feb 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Ariela R.
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Airdrops allow crypto projects to gain visibility, build loyalty among their community, and reward their supporters. They also represent a potential source of earnings for recipients who can sell, exchange, or use the tokens or coins received. According to the WuBlockchain team, several airdrops and cryptographic projects are worth paying attention to this year.

Crypto et airdrop
Crypto protocols to watch in 2024, according to WuBlockchain


This L2 network uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZK) to ensure fast and inexpensive crypto transactions on Ethereum. Its token, ZKS, is used to pay transaction fees. It also allows participation in network governance.


It is a protocol that connects different L2 crypto networks together, creating a universal meta-L2. Its token, L0, ensures the security and decentralization of the protocol.

Magic Eden

This is an NFT trading and creation platform on Solana. Its token is ME and is used, among other things, to support artistic projects.


It enables restaking on Ethereum. This crypto protocol has its own token, EIGEN.


Berachain allows the creation of bridges between different blockchains. To do this, it uses decentralized oracles and smart contracts. It has its own token, BERA.


It is an L2 network that uses technology of optimistic rollups to increase throughput and reduce the cost of crypto transactions on Ethereum. It has its own token, TKO.


It’s a crypto protocol that allows the creation of decentralized markets for NFTs. It has its own token, BLAST.


It enables the creation of dApps on the Polkadot blockchain, using a simple and intuitive programming language. It has its own token, AEVO.

Puffer Finance

It enables the creation of DeFi products on the Avalanche blockchain, using innovative algorithms and incentive mechanisms. It has its own crypto token, PUFF.


It enables the creation of decentralized prediction markets on Ethereum, using decentralized oracles and revelation mechanisms. It has its own token, EFI.


Allows the creation of decentralized crypto wallets for NFTs, using the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. It has its own token, BPK.


It creates decentralized social networks on the Ethereum blockchain, using self-sovereign digital identities and reputation mechanisms. It has its own token, FRI.

To take advantage of these crypto projects, don’t forget to find out the launch date of their airdrop.

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