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Crypto: TON Exceeds 10% of Daily Bitcoin Volume

Sat 22 Jun 2024 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Evans S.
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The Open Network (TON), a decentralized level 1 blockchain, recently reached an impressive milestone: its daily transfer volume now represents 10% of that of the flagship cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). With explosive growth and ever-increasing indicators, TON is positioning itself as a major player in the crypto ecosystem. Let’s take a closer look at this meteoric rise.

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The rise of TON’s indicators

The rise of TON crypto is not by chance. Various factors have contributed to this surge in power. Firstly, the introduction of an economy based on Toncoin within the Telegram app has played a crucial role.

Telegram, by integrating an advertising system that pays channels up to 50% in TON, has attracted an unprecedented wave of new users to the TON blockchain. This massive influx has propelled transaction volumes to unprecedented levels.

Moreover, the launch of the Open League program at the beginning of April amplified this enthusiasm. This long-term incentive program plans to distribute 30 million TON, worth approximately 188 million dollars, to community members through airdrops, quests, and liquidity pools on the network’s decentralized exchanges.

An initiative that has not only strengthened the loyalty of current users but also attracted new investors.

Finally, the presence of decentralized exchange platforms such as and Dedust, as well as liquid staking projects like Tonstakers and Bemo, has seen significant growth in TVL (Total Value Locked) in recent weeks.

This rise in TVL demonstrates the growing trust of investors in the TON ecosystem, further cementing its position of strength in the market.

The breakthrough of TVL

One of the most telling indicators of TON’s success is undoubtedly its TVL, which doubled within three weeks to reach a record high of 605 million dollars.

This spectacular leap reflects the increased confidence of investors and the growing adoption of the TON blockchain. By comparison, TON’s TVL was 300 million dollars at the end of May, before climbing to 620 million dollars at the time of writing.

This rapid rise in TVL can be attributed to investors’ attraction to the decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions offered by TON. In particular, liquidity pools and liquid staking mechanisms have attracted a growing number of participants, contributing to the skyrocketing locked values.

The exponential increase in the number of Toncoin (TON) holders is another indicator of this growing popularity. In one year, the number of holders has gone from 2.9 million to 32 million, highlighting the rapid adoption and increasing engagement of the community.

Comparison with Bitcoin: A new era for TON

Compared to Bitcoin, TON’s daily transfer volume is particularly impressive. While Bitcoin has an average daily transfer volume of 50 billion dollars, TON oscillates between 5 and 10 billion dollars per day.

This performance, although it represents only 10% of Bitcoin’s volume, is remarkable for a relatively young blockchain.

This comparison not only highlights TON’s ability to compete with giants like Bitcoin but also its potential for future growth.

The speed at which TON has reached this milestone is a testament to its innovation and growing appeal to users and investors.

At the same time, TON’s robust infrastructure and innovative solutions, such as decentralized exchanges and liquid staking projects, have created a dynamic and attractive ecosystem.

These differentiating elements position the TON crypto as a viable and competitive alternative to Bitcoin and other established cryptocurrencies.

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