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ETF Bitcoin Approved! The very first ETF makes its debut on the stock exchange on January 11

Thu 11 Jan 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S.
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In a published opinion, Cboe took the market by surprise by announcing the launch of the first U.S. Bitcoin spot ETF. This innovative financial product paves the way for direct institutional investment in Bitcoin. It will start trading on January 11th on Cboe according to the official notification.

L’ETF bitcoin devant le bâtiment de la sec avec la mention approuvé

Surprise Green Light for the First U.S. Bitcoin Spot ETF 

Cboe surprised the market by announcing in a notification the upcoming launch of the very first U.S. Bitcoin spot ETF. It’s a real revolution! This type of index fund gives investors direct access to the price movement of Bitcoin.

Until now, the SEC had only authorized Bitcoin futures ETFs and systematically blocked spot products. Cboe caught everyone off guard by making official the January 11th launch of 21Shares’ ARKB ETF. 

A Bullish Impact Expected on the Crypto Market

The introduction of the first Bitcoin spot ETF is seen as a potential bullish catalyst for the entire crypto market. By making it possible to simply invest in Bitcoin through traditional products, spot ETFs could result in a massive influx of institutional capital into this ecosystem.

The recent rise in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices has been partly attributed to the expectations surrounding this launch. Some even claim that the approval of spot ETFs could trigger a new bullish rally, potentially pushing the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies to all-time highs.

 The Challenges Ahead for Bitcoin Spot ETFs

The SEC’s surprise green light for Bitcoin spot ETFs via Cboe is a victory for crypto. However, challenges remain. Specifically, their real impact on prices, which will ultimately depend on their adoption by investors. And it’s yet to be confirmed that other providers will receive the same green light.

Notably, the SEC has not yet decided on index funds for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Its cautious approach is likely to result in the lasting dominance of Bitcoin ETFs, limiting the effects of this revolutionary launch.

Cboe’s announcement of the launch of the first Bitcoin spot ETF on January 11th is a resounding surprise that could significantly energize the crypto market. However, the promised revolution by these innovative financial vehicles and their ability to attract institutional investors remains to be proven in practice. Stay tuned!

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