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Ethernity Cloud: The platform that redefines crypto security!

Sun 26 May 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by La Rédaction C. Article native advertising

In the digital age, data security has become a major concern. However, a new crypto platform aims to redefine privacy and anonymity standards in cloud computing. Ethernity Cloud leverages blockchain to offer a decentralized and secure solution that could potentially revolutionize the cloud industry.

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Ethernity Cloud Revolutionizes Security in the Crypto Landscape

Traditional cloud computing suffers from numerous centralized points of failure, from reliance on service providers to centralized domain name systems. This is where Ethernity Cloud steps in, offering an innovative infrastructure where user data is hosted in an encrypted and anonymous manner across a wide range of decentralized systems. Whether it’s personal computers, mid-power servers, or data center infrastructures, Ethernity Cloud ensures absolute data security and privacy, both in transit and at rest.

The essence of Ethernity Cloud lies in its sophisticated architecture, designed to ensure top-tier security. The entire network relies on strong, open encryption algorithms protecting data against the most advanced cryptographic attacks. This includes brute force attacks and collision attacks. Moreover, the communication networks are fully anonymized, preventing any connection between data and users.

But Ethernity Cloud doesn’t stop there. Indeed, the platform implements a zero-trust model. This fundamental principle ensures that even decentralized service providers cannot tamper with the Ethernity Cloud nodes running on their machines.

Absolute Decentralization 

Another major asset of Ethernity Cloud is its truly decentralized approach to the domain name system (DNS). By integrating blockchain technology and decentralized DNS, the platform eliminates the risks of cache poisoning, hijacking, DDoS, or censorship inherent in the current centralized DNS.

Ethernity Cloud is powered by the ECLD token, an ERC-20 crypto asset built on the Polygon blockchain. With a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, the distribution is carefully balanced, rewarding founders, private and public investors, as well as node operators through a staking system. An unsold token burning mechanism ensures a healthy and sustainable supply. With its vision of security and decentralization in cloud computing, Ethernity Cloud could indeed mark a turning point in the widespread adoption of crypto. This platform offers unprecedented levels of privacy, anonymity, availability, and performance. It paves the way towards a future where user data is truly secure and sovereign.

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