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Game Boy to serve as hardware wallets thanks to Game Wallet

Tue 23 May 2023 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Cédric Y.

Soon, Game Boy owners will have the opportunity to turn their devices into hardware wallets to hold their crypto. The project, known as Game Wallet, has been made public by Joseph Schiarizzi, a developer at Keyp. This Web3 startup aims to use a physical cartridge to harness the power of Nintendo Game Boy and transform it into a secure cold storage wallet for cryptographic assets.

The mythical Game Boy console, a new crypto wallet?
Bitcoin News reports the statements of a Keyp developer regarding the launch of Game Wallet

What is Keyp’s Game Wallet all about?

The announced goal is to allow Game Boy owners to use this iconic device as a secure hardware wallet for their cryptocurrencies. On May 19, Joseph Schiarizzi, a developer at Keyp, unveiled the project. According to Bitcoin News, he has been working on it since the beginning of this year. Schiarizzi has developed a concept using a physical Game Boy cartridge, resulting in the creation of a “truly offline hardware wallet.” Furthermore, it would be capable of functioning independently without the need for firmware updates. In a tweet posted in January, he showcased a Game Boy game where the character can generate a seed, illustrating the potential of the endeavor.

So we’re producing a real physical cartridge that lets you use your Game Boy as a cold storage wallet, generate mnemonic phrases and save them securely offline,” he stated. “No firmware updates ever. Randomness for generating the keys is introduced by the player,” he added.

A more secure wallet?

The primary issue faced with current wallets is security. Since they are connected to the internet, they are vulnerable to attacks. Additionally, the issue of maintenance arises as cold portfolios like USB keys are highly prone to getting lost. Thus, Game Wallet appears to solve these problems as it states on its website:

“Devices that cannot physically connect to the internet are inherently more secure. A device that was created before the existence of cryptocurrency, which can never be attacked by digital phishing and has been sitting on your shelf for 20 years, is even better.”

In conclusion, time has shown that nothing remains truly invulnerable forever. But has the company Keyp found the solution to the security issues of crypto wallets?

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