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Halving Bitcoin: Can ETFs overshadow its historical impact?

Fri 19 Apr 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Fenelon L.
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As we approach the fourth Bitcoin halving, scheduled for April 19, 2024, spot ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) could play a crucial role in market dynamics. According to the experts at Glassnode, their growing influence could even overshadow the historical impact of this event on the BTC price.

Bitcoin a Wall Street

A Historical Impact on Prices

The previous three Bitcoin halvings have led to significant price increases within the following 12 months. After the first, the price jumped by over 1,000%, then by 200% and 600% respectively for the following two.

These increases highlight the major influence of this event on the supply and demand for Bitcoin. By halving the block rewards, the halving controls the scarcity of Bitcoin and ensures its status as a deflationary asset. Investors, therefore, closely monitor its potential impact on prices.

However, the Bitcoin market has evolved considerably since the last halving. The arrival of spot Bitcoin ETFs and the growing institutional demand could change the game.

Spot ETFs, the Unexpected Variable of the Next Halving

According to Glassnode, the inflows and outflows of spot Bitcoin ETFs are already having a notable impact on the supply and demand for Bitcoin. While miners add about 900 BTC per day, ETFs often purchase much more, greatly influencing market liquidity.

In addition, large-scale ETF movements can impact market volatility and sentiment, independent of the traditional constraints between supply and demand. A decrease in ETF purchases could signal a market slowdown.

Investors will therefore need to closely monitor spot ETF trends, in addition to the impact of the halving. These could provide key indicators in a post-halving market that could potentially be less predictable than before.

The 4th Halving is shaping up to be a complex event, influenced both by its historical mechanics and the evolution of the market. While the previous halvings have led to significant price increases, the growing influence of Bitcoin ETFs could this time overshadow their impact.

Investors will thus need to adapt their strategies, closely monitoring ETF trends and the behavior of key market players, to navigate the new landscape most effectively. The Halving remains a major event, but its impact could be more nuanced than before.

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