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Here's how the crypto community is propelling memecoins!

Thu 02 May 2024 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S.
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In the bustling universe of crypto, a new surging wave seems to be gaining strength – that of memecoins. While their concept might seem unusual, these virtual coins highlight a fascinating reality: the power of communities within the crypto ecosystem. Both a witness and a participant in this trend, Justin Sun calls for close attention to the potential of these projects, memes or not, during the next bullish cycle.

Crypto Mèmecoins

Memecoins, icons of a relaxed crypto attitude

At first glance, these playfully named cryptos might seem odd or even trivial. However, beyond their playful aspect, they embody a philosophy that is now inherent to the world of crypto: freedom of expression and unrestrained creativity. Indeed, memecoins offer a space where crypto investors can unleash their imagination while taking advantage of the financial opportunities offered by these emerging assets.

Furthermore, far from being simple speculative bets, memecoins bring together tight-knit crypto communities around a common vision. This collaborative dynamic then injects true energy into these young cryptocurrencies, propelling them towards a promising future.

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Democratization and community power at the heart of the cryptosphere

Beyond the memecoins themselves, their rise reflects an underlying trend within the crypto ecosystem: democratization and the growing importance of communities. Indeed, unlike traditional financial markets, the world of cryptography is based on principles of increased decentralization and accessibility.

Thus, the success of a crypto project no longer depends solely on its economic model or technical roadmap. The strength of its community, its level of engagement, and its ability to mobilize the masses become key factors in ensuring the longevity and growth of a cryptocurrency. It is precisely this dynamic that memecoins have skillfully captured and catalyzed.

The cryptocurrency market is fundamentally based on thin air. It’s all about self-fulfilling prophecy: Bitcoin was able to become legitimate simply through its price action, creating a culture around cypherpunk concepts. Thus, the price of a cryptocurrency asset rests above all on the ability of it and its community to rally around its underlying narratives until the project becomes legitimate.

Decentralized finance was the narrative of the 2020 bullrun, now it’s the turn for memecoins to guide the collective unconscious of this bullrun. Some have managed to stand out by being first or through a favorable context. It remains to be seen if anyone will crack the code on how to generate a self-fulfilling prophecy for sure, a question worth several billion dollars today.

Psychonaut4975, founder of BorpaToken, on memecoins

Whether they spark enthusiasm or skepticism, memecoins are now indispensable players in the crypto landscape. Beyond their entertaining dimension, they shed light on deep trends: the democratization of access to cryptocurrencies and the growing impact of engaged communities. As the next bullish cycle looms, it may be time to view these projects with fresh eyes and a renewed open-mindedness.

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