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The Icon.X project is a perfect combination of mechanics, high-level racing and Web3. It’s a new racing experience that aims to facilitate access to the inner circle of car racing, both logistically and financially. Icon.X guarantees an intense and adrenaline-filled experience for car and racing enthusiasts. They’ll have the opportunity to live an immersive experience with a high level of realism. The realism aspect has been worked on down to the smallest detail. Icon.X takes into account the whole economic aspect of racing. The project includes, among other things, sponsoring, team integration, cash prize and ranking. Discover the world of Icon.X with Jonathan Behar, the founder of this ambitious project, in an exclusive interview.

Q. Can you give us more details about the history of Icon.X World and its origins? How and why did this project come about?

A. I’ve always been passionate about technology, innovation, video games, and especially racing games. Icon.X is the result of all that passion. As an engineer by training and an entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience, I’ve always been fascinated by emerging technologies and forward-thinking projects.

Since 2017, blockchain technology has captivated me and I believe it represents a major revolution. In fact, I’ve already organized massive and high-energy conferences called “Crypto Apéro” and Blockchain Masterclass training sessions on this topic.

In 2022, I sold my consulting company to the Keyrus Group to focus 100% on the Icon.X project that I’m incredibly passionate about, which is why I’m putting all my energy and creativity into it!

Initially, I was planning to launch a car dealership in the metaverse in collaboration with automotive design experts. However, as I delved deeper into the subject, I realized that there was no metaverse dedicated to the racing world, where car enthusiasts could experience the excitement of a real race. Thanks to Icon.X, a Web3-focused project, this empty space has been filled.

Icon.X is the result of months of hard work by a dedicated team. Our ambition is to create a metaverse dedicated to racing that brings together various players of the industry. This virtual world will generate economic opportunities and, most importantly, allow gamers and car enthusiasts to have a unique gaming experience – full of emotions and thrills.

Q. Can you tell us why Icon.X World decided to combine car racing with customization and shared experience features?

A. We were inspired by the incredible success of games like Fortnite, which offers endless customization options, and Roblox, which focuses on shared experience and user creativity. With these features in Icon.X, players can customize their cars with unique skins and NFTs. Through this customization, they can not only show their affiliation with a community (such as an official team or clan), but also express their personal identity.

Furthermore, we want to highlight the modding community, a talented group that creates circuits and cars to constantly enrich the game’s universe. Their creativity makes the gaming experience ultra-realistic and constantly evolving for the player community. We have decided to deploy a special marketplace that will bring together all these creations for easy access. Currently, the experience is frustrating and user-unfriendly, as mods are difficult to find and install. We want to simplify the search and installation process by centralizing the platform and retaining only the best mods.

Icon.X World represents a combination of the racing world and Web3 technology, drawing inspiration from the best of Fortnite and Roblox.

Q. Formula 1 is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. How does Icon.X contribute to the democratization of this sport?

A. More and more fans, especially young people, are drawn to motorsports, in part due to the Netflix series “Drive to Survive.” However, it often seems like a sport reserved for the elite. Icon.X aims to democratize this world by offering car and racing enthusiasts a unique gaming experience that allows them to immerse themselves in the racing culture and lifestyle without the barriers of cost and accessibility

Icon.X offers a skill-based competition system that provides amateur players with an opportunity to experience racing on a professional level, complete with all the sensations and emotions that come with it, albeit in a virtual setting that overcomes the financial and logistical obstacles of real-world racing, although the sensations may not be perfectly identical.

While Icon.X is focused on entertainment, our main interest lies in performance and skill development. In line with this, we will be launching the Icon.X School program to teach amateur players the necessary basics.

Novices will appreciate the opportunity to progress and the time spent on Icon.X will allow them to develop their driving skills.

The Icon.X School program offers players the opportunity to learn from professional drivers, allowing for the transfer of expertise and ensuring continuous improvement of skills.

Icon.X pushes the boundaries of accessibility and allows enthusiasts to fully indulge in their passion for motorsports.

Q. Icon.X offers rewards to players. Can you tell us how it works? Is it possible to make a living by playing your game?

A. We offer several game modes:

  • Overtake: a solo mode where players have to overtake as many cars as possible on a highway. Traffic management is done by AI, and the player who earns the most points daily wins the prize.
  • Competitions with friends, with or without stakes.
  • The IconX Grand Prix: the 5 official teams owned by brands compete against the 5 best clans owned by Web3 communities and gamers.

Icon.X aims to reward the efforts and talents of players, whether they are solo drivers or members of a clan, by providing them with the opportunity to earn rewards in cryptocurrency, through airdrops or in-kind, by competing against other players. We want to offer our players an immersive and stimulating experience above all else.

Icon.X is similar to a game of poker: even the lowest stakes raise the intensity and electrify the atmosphere! But with Icon.X, there is no luck involved, only your skills count.

It is true that we do not intend to venture outside the realm of entertainment. However, a particularly skilled and dedicated player has the potential to generate substantial income through their performance on Icon.X. So, it is possible that one day, racing on Icon.X could become a legitimate profession for some!

For now, we are focused on creating an exciting and rewarding gaming environment where players can earn rewards based on their skills and achievements.

Q. What kind of experience do you offer to your players? How does the Icon.X project push the boundaries of user experience, particularly through Web3?

A. Icon.X offers new features to users, with the aim of pushing the boundaries of the racing gaming experience. This includes advanced customization options while fostering a sense of community belonging. Icon.X also guarantees an immutable ranking system and an economic system (remuneration for modders, cash prizes, etc.) using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

In summary, experiencing Icon.X is like driving your dream car that you can customize with limited edition skins and your own NFTs, all in an atmosphere that encourages you to push yourself for your own sake, for your clan, or for your team. All of this is accompanied by a reward system based on players’ performance. Quite exciting, isn’t it?

Q. Technically, how does the platform work? What is the process for joining the Icon.X universe? Can you describe the first steps for a player in your world?

A. Immersion into the Icon.X universe begins with installing our application on PC and the Assetto Corsa game, which we rely on. Once this step is completed, aspiring drivers can freely participate in heated competitions, whether free or paid.

Icon.X, the innovative blockchain-based racing game, is not just about racing cars. It’s an immersive experience that allows users to customize their cars to express their own identity and join one of the five official teams or clans. The chosen team or clan becomes their family, providing support in the competitive virtual world.

The pinnacle of the adventure is undoubtedly the IconX Grand Prix. Here, amateur drivers have the opportunity to join a team or earn maximum points to qualify their clan by participating in epic qualifications. Players who deliver remarkable performances will forever be etched in the legend of IconX. With your passion for racing and thirst for victory, you can reach unexplored heights.

The future of racing is waiting for you!

Q. What does IconX have in store for 2023? Can you explain your concepts of immersive events?

A. In 2023, we will see the culmination of over a year of hard work with several launches, including the IconX application, custom shop, and IconX school. In addition, we plan to further develop partnerships with renowned brands and teams.

But that’s not all! We also have plans to create immersive events that go beyond the virtual world. Imagine music festivals featuring renowned DJs, simracing booths, and live circuit races. There will be other exciting activities at these events to stimulate all your senses. We believe that the magic of the virtual world and real-life interactions are complementary, and together, they ensure a unique experience.

In our view, there’s nothing better than a big party that brings together community members bonded by a common passion to create unforgettable moments.

Exclusive PBWS: Aston Martin in the Metaverse

We were at the Paris Blockchain Week with the Icon.X World team and La Huge Letter when Valentin Hasse-Clot visited our booth. It was a unique opportunity for the Aston Martin Racing driver to explore the metaverse.

On the left: Valentin Hasse-Clot, Aston Martin Racing driver, and on the right: Jonathan Béhar, CEO of ICON.X WORLD – Source: Antoine Peltier, La Huge Letter

Join us exclusively as we highlight the highlights of PBWS for this exciting Web3 project.

Interview conducted in partnership with La Huge Letter by Antoine Peltier during Paris Blockchain Week


Icon.X aims to democratize racing through Web3 by breaking down the barriers that prevent people from experiencing this exclusive world. The game offers racing enthusiasts and aspiring drivers the opportunity to make their dream come true and find sponsors. It also allows them to personalize their vehicles and monetize their skills.

With Icon.X, beginners as well as experienced and passionate drivers can improve their skills with the help of coaches and professional pilots. The metaverse offers pilots an immersive, exciting, intense, and exhilarating experience.

Be sure to visit the official Icon.X website to learn more about the project. You can also follow the project and its founder on social networks.

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