India steps up in the crypto space: Ripple and Yes Bank lead the way

Mon 04 Sep 2023 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Evans S.

India, this giant nation of millennia-old traditions, is resolutely embracing the digital future. Fervently embracing technological innovations, it is now positioned at the vanguard of the crypto movement, with major players such as Ripple and Yes Bank sitting at the top. But what does this crypto ascendancy really mean for the country and, more broadly, for the global financial landscape?

Crypto, Ripple, India: Mumbai's dynamic urban landscape

Yes Bank & Ripple: Pioneers of India’s digital revolution

Despite the market shakeout, crypto has intrigued, fascinated and, at times, frightened people for years.

But in the heart of Mumbai, Yes Bank, one of India’s largest banking institutions, has chosen to embrace this revolution.

By becoming interoperable with the Reserve Bank of India’s UPI interface, it has opened the door to thousands of transactions in digital rupees. A major advance that could well change the face of financial exchanges in India.

For its part, Ripple, the American financial technology giant, is not to be outdone. Collaborating with Yes Bank since 2018, it has played a crucial role in facilitating cross-border remittances.

The involvement of RippleNet and crypto XRP in the digital rupee remains uncertain. However, Ripple has already demonstrated its effectiveness with other global CBDC products.

The Digital Rupee: more than just a currency

The Digital Rupee is more than just a currency; it is the symbol of a modern, innovative India. The pilot campaigns organized in 2022 demonstrated the country’s determination to place this digital currency at the heart of its financial system. And with the introduction of the QR code, digital transactions in India have a bright future ahead of them.

The unique QR code mechanism introduced by this initiative is revolutionizing transactions. Offering flexibility and universal adaptability, it meets the demands of a constantly evolving economy.

By integrating CBDC with UPI QR codes, e-rupee not only asserts itself as a rising force, but also harmonizes with a widely adopted UPI system, potentially reaching 150 million merchants.

Towards a crypto future?

India, with its vast resources and overflowing population of talent, is destined to play a leading role in the crypto revolution. A recent report suggests that, by the end of the year, the country could become the world leader in terms of crypto users.

Astonishingly, 53% of these users could be Indian, a percentage that far exceeds that of the USA. Indeed, this figure represents more than five times the number of American crypto investors. A remarkable rise that places India at the center of the crypto world.

With influential players like Ripple and Yes Bank at the helm, the country looks set to redefine the shape of the global financial landscape. But what if this adventure is just the beginning of a much bigger story? One thing is certain: the digital world has yet to stop surprising us. What’s more, the recent alliance between Mastercard and Nexo heralds another unprecedented crypto revolution, reinforcing the idea that the future belongs to crypto.

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