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Massa takes flight: MAS crypto now listed on Bitget and MEXC!

Tue 16 Apr 2024 ▪ 6 min of reading ▪ by Theia P.
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Blockchain is at the heart of a technological revolution, transforming financial sectors, governance systems, and internet infrastructures. In this rapidly expanding ecosystem, Massa stands out for its innovative approach and commitment to genuine decentralization. The project has reached a significant milestone with the listing of its MAS token on Bitget and MEXC, a well-known crypto exchange.

Massa prend son envol : La crypto MAS désormais listé sur Bitget et MEXC !

Listing of the MAS Token on Bitget and MEXC

April 15th was a historic date for the Massa project. This was the selected day for the listing of its MAS token on Bitget and MEXC. These exchanges thus offer Massa unprecedented visibility to a wide audience of investors. The listing of the native MAS token is a strong signal to investors about the growth potential of this cryptocurrency.

The excitement surrounding this event was palpable, with the crypto community’s anticipation having been very strong. These platforms recorded over 4 million euros in volume in the first 24 hours, thanks to their millions of active monthly users, and thus become a strategic channel for the acquisition and distribution of the MAS token. This Bitget collaboration is the result of a strategy aimed at increasing the token’s liquidity while facilitating its accessibility to a broader audience.

Historically, listings on major platforms have often led to a significant increase in interest and value of the concerned cryptocurrencies. Massa hopes to replicate this scenario to strengthen its market position. Therefore, its evolution should be closely monitored.

The MAS Token: A Crypto with Strong Growth Potential

With a current market cap of 15 million dollars, the MAS token is an undervalued cryptocurrency with significant valuation potential. This low level of capitalization for a Layer 1 blockchain project attracts many investors looking for potential gems.

In addition to its appeal as an investment, the MAS token offers concrete benefits to the platform users. It is notably used in the context of the liquidity incentive program that offers impressive annual returns (APY). With about 2,000 active stakers managing full nodes, the Massa community demonstrates solid commitment and remarkable organic activity, only two months after the launch of its mainnet.

Massa: The Essentials to Remember About the Project

Massa stands out in the crypto ecosystem for its commitment to true decentralization, underscored by innovative features such as Autonomous Smart Contracts (ASC) and on-chain web hosting. The Massa Layer 1 network is designed to achieve efficiency, scalability, and security. This architecture allows this blockchain to process up to 10,000 transactions per second due to parallel block creation.

The project’s Autonomous Smart Contracts facilitate the creation of autonomous and self-sufficient applications that operate independently from external triggers. Massa offers a decentralized web where dApps are entirely hosted on-chain, reducing reliance on centralized services. The integration of the TypeScript programming language for smart contract development increases its appeal to developers.

Massa launched its mainnet on January 15th, 2024, and the network is already processing millions of blocks and settling over 200,000 transactions, with more than 30,000 wallets. The Massa community is very dynamic and continues to grow. The number of followers on the project’s Twitter account has tripled, going from 15,000 to over 50,000 this year. The Discord community has also seen its membership increase from 37,000 to 100,000 members.

The crypto was listed on DAO Maker with more than 100 times more demand than token supply, and its TGE on the Republic launch platform sold out, with 3 million dollars raised from 1500 investors. Additionally, the Massa Foundation plans to allocate 2% of the MAS token supply for developer grants this year. An initiative that demonstrates the unwavering support Massa intends to provide to revolutionary projects that use the distinctive capabilities of its blockchain.

Massa has established key strategic partnerships to enhance its technological capabilities and inter-chain connectivity. Collaborations with Starknet, Dusa, Hyperlane, and Umbrella are eloquent examples of this strategy, each bringing unique value and complementary skills to the Massa ecosystem. These partnerships are aimed at strengthening interoperability and expanding the functionalities available for users and developers on the platform. Concurrently, the strategic investment from renowned partners such as Blueyard, Ariane Capital, and TRGC demonstrates the financial sector’s confidence and commitment to Massa’s growth potential.

All these developments and strengths promise to accelerate the adoption and strengthen trust in the Massa project. The future looks promising for the MAS token and its investors.

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