MultiversX Launches Strategic Partnership With Google Cloud to Further AI and Big Data Ambitions in the Web3 World

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After outlining a comprehensive strategy to spearhead the development of blockchain-powered tools and Web3 solutions that leverage and extend the reach of emerging AI technologies, MultiversX, the leading layer-1 smart contract platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, the global public cloud leader, renowned for exceptional artificial intelligence capabilities, and data analytics tools. 

multiversX annonce son partenariat avec google cloud

During an extensive conversation on the xDay Conference stage – that has featured multiple representatives from major tech companies, government officials and influential experts – Beniamin Mincu, MultiversX CEO, and Daniel Rood, Head of Web3 EMEA at Google Cloud, have just announced they are joining forces to accelerate Web3 expansion. 

MultiversX’s sharded architecture is capable of scaling beyond 100,000 transactions per second and has lately been the first choice as a backend solution for real-world applications in multiple fields. Due to its industry-wide innovations around token standards and smart accounts, MultiversX has been the platform of choice for the first European institutional marketplace for digital assets ICI D|SERVICES, and Audi’s platform for in-car virtual reality, holoride, among others. 

To help Web3 projects and users derive valuable insights from powerful data analytics and artificial intelligence tools, BigQuery, the serverless Google Cloud data warehouse with a built-in query engine, has completed the integration of the MultiversX network. This has the potential to immediately streamline the execution of large-scale, data-first blockchain projects, helping developers to easily access data about addresses, transacted amounts, smart contract interactions, and many more on-chain analytics. 

There are exciting opportunities to enable Web3 developers to build and scale faster and as we explore new verticals within the space, our partnership with MultiversX will allow us to expand our strategy and reach further and solidify our position as one of the main innovation drivers in the blockchain world.” 

Daniel Rood, Head of Web3 EMEA

Furthermore, the Google Cloud involvement into the MultiversX network enables ecosystem builders to leverage the entire suite of advanced tools and services available on the platform to bring high-performance and scalability to their dApps’ non-blockchain components. 

Having a strong focus on ecosystem development, the collaboration between the two industry leaders had their first joint initiative at the xDay Hackathon, where hundreds of developers and startups benefit from up to $1M in prizes and funding, while Google Cloud is the main partner of the Artificial Intelligence track. 

“We are excited to unveil this collaboration as part of a strategic plan meant to expand our ecosystem and bring significant opportunities for users and developers. MultiversX is in a unique position, with great potential for accelerated growth, and the additional products and services brought by Google Cloud are a key contribution to that. 

Beniamin Mincu, MultiversX CEO

Google Cloud’s plans to expand into Web3 is one of the many early mover examples in its long-history of supporting innovation and technological advancement. The lines of collaboration with MultiversX over the coming months will continue to explore deeper integration and support of the MultiversX network, as well as new ways to help startups grow and scale. 

About MultiversX 

A highly scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain network created to enable radically new applications, for users, businesses, society, and the new metaverse frontier. 

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