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Mon 20 Dec 2021 ▪ 22h27 ▪ 5 min read — by Hugh Renolds

What a year 2021 has been for crypto. Full of ups & downs, dire straits and all-time highs, it’s managed to show the innate powers cryptocurrencies possess, as well as expose some of their weaknesses to work on going forward. Along with the industry, some of the biggest players in the market have also grown a lot. Crypto.com, the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency hub, has seen a number of momentous changes that will surely prove seminal for the success of both the platform and the entire industry in the upcoming year. 

Throughout 2021, Crypto.com has managed to list a ton of strong, reliable coins, strike a number of lucrative partnerships, launch an NFT marketplace (and make it huge right away), launch a bunch of new services, including a highly functional DeFi Wallet App, greatly improve the functionality and accessibility of its services across the board and even score a commercial with Matt Damon himself telling the world in all sincerity that Crypto.com is here to stay and help cryptocurrencies change the world for the better. 

Also, the platform had strengthened its native coin, CRO, which saw explosive growth, ultimately making it one of the sweetest and most reliable coins to both trade and stake.

And finally, this Autumn, Crypto.com had passed the SOC 20 compliance audit, making it the safest crypto trading platform in existence. Isn’t that something to celebrate? 

And that’s where you step in. Crypto.com is fully aware that its booming success wouldn’t have been possible without you and can’t wait to show its gratitude.

The #YearinCrypto Campaign overview

Starting today and all the way until 7th January 2022 00:00 UTC, you can partake in #YearinCrypto, which will make you an even happier Crypto.com user than you were before. 

The Campaign will be available to all Crypto.com App users in Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, and Sweden from 20 December 2021, and to App Users in all other jurisdictions from 22 December 2021.

By taking part in #YearinCrypto, you can revisit your best moments and share your story for the chance to win $50 of CRO.

Ten users who share their stories on social media will win $50 of CRO in a lucky draw.

Log in to the Crypto.com App now to check out your #YearinCrypto, where you can view personalised stories based on the coins and trades you made in 2021. 

You will get a detailed breakdown of your portfolio, HODLing style, CRO tier, and more. 

Also, use the Referral Link to share your crypto stories with your friends and invite them to embark on their own crypto journey in 2022.

Who can participate?

As #YearinCrypto is a local celebratory campaign for the most active and loyal Crypto.com users, not anyone can take part in it. To participate, you must have an active Crypto.com account created no earlier than 13th September 2021 with all the KYC and other onboarding procedures successfully passed. 

How to participate?

  1. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram
  2. Share your “Year In Crypto” stories on Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #YearInCrypto
  3. Tag 3 friends

Five winners will be selected on Twitter and the other five on Instagram, so make sure you’ve got both covered. 

What should I keep in mind? 

Some important things to keep in mind are: 

By partaking in the Campaign, you acknowledge having read the Privacy Notice of Crypto.com and agree that the platform will use your personal information for the purposes of identity verification, assessing participants’ eligibility to take part in the Campaign, prize draw and prize delivery.

You can only share one entry per account. Anyone trying to have multiple entries will be disqualified. 

If you win, you’ll get an e-mail notification, and you can expect your prize to land on your Crypto.com App CRO Wallet within 21 days after the campaign ends.

Crypto.com will take the liberty to define the CRO/USD exchange rate for the prize around the time of its distribution. 

Please refer to the Official Rules for Sweepstakes for further rules regarding the sweepstakes. 

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