The Bitcoin frenzy will continue until 2034! According to Michael Saylor.

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Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, anticipates a golden decade for Bitcoin, driven by the rise of ETFs and artificial intelligence. Institutions would be vying for a declining stock of BTC in a frantic race until the last bitcoin is mined in 2034.

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The Key Role of Bitcoin ETFs

During a conference in early March, Michael Saylor estimated that the Bitcoin ETFs launched in 2023 would trigger a 10-year institutional rush. These index funds facilitate investors’ exposure to BTC without requiring direct ownership. 

For Saylor, they are for the moment just a ” distribution channel ” towards 10-20% of interested institutions. But when banks offer these ETFs to their clients, $50 million decisions could be made in one hour. The pressure will therefore be immense for everyone to adopt Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor Predicts a Race Against Time Before 2034

Saylor predicts that this frenzy will last until November 2034, when 99% of bitcoins will have been mined. At that point, the capped supply will lead to a scarcity of BTC, intensifying competition among investors. 

The period from 2023-2034 will thus be crucial for institutions to acquire as much bitcoin as possible before the last ones are mined. This digital gold rush could even exceed the historical gold rush, according to Saylor.

AI, the Future Ally of Bitcoin

Another key driver for Saylor: artificial intelligence. Bitcoin would be indispensable for timestamping and certifying data in the face of the rise of autonomous AI. Conversely, AI developments would stimulate the demand for digital energy, which BTC needs.

Saylor also anticipates a calming of environmental criticisms, as AI is much more energy-intensive. Bitcoin could even become essential for securing an Internet overrun by AI, by verifying data integrity in a decentralized manner.

In short, the alliance of AI and ETFs could lead BTC into a golden era according to Saylor. It remains to be seen if these very optimistic predictions will materialize by 2034. But this discourse gives an idea of the colossal stakes shaping the future of Bitcoin.

The coming decade promises to be crucial for the future of Bitcoin. While Western institutions are adopting cryptocurrency at an accelerated pace, new challenges loom on the horizon.

The impact of AI, political repression, and the volatility of the markets will test the resilience of the Bitcoin ecosystem. If it survives these threats, there is no doubt that Bitcoin will be established as the digital gold of the 21st century. But the road is still long for this decentralized currency against powerful adversaries.

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