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ChatGPT jailbreak to predict Coinbase's crypto future

Wed 03 May 2023 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Cédric Y.

Coinbase’s executives have unlocked new levels in their artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT. They have discovered a jailbreak in ChatGPT. This jailbreak allows them to calculate the probability of future crypto price scenarios. The tool is very useful and has estimated several future price scenarios for some famous cryptocurrencies.

un jailbreak de ChatGPT fait des prédictions étonnantes
According to a tweet from Cointelegraph, a director at Coinbase asked ChatGPT the probability of Bitcoin being close to zero by 2035

Coinbase discovers ChatGPT jailbreak

Conor Grogan is the head of business operations at Coinbase. He is a big fan of ChatGPT and frequently uses it. In a tweet on April 30th, he posted a screenshot. It was showing that ChatGPT predicts a 15% chance that Bitcoin will have no value by 2035. ChatGPT calculated that its price would drop by 99.99%. According to another screenshot, ChatGPT calculated that there is a 20% chance that Ether will lose all its value by 2035. For Litecoin and Dogecoin, the predictions indicate a 35% to 45% chance that prices will be almost zero in the near future.

Conor Grogan concluded that ChatGPT is “generally” a “big fan” of Bitcoin, but remains “more skeptical” when it comes to altcoins. Cointelegraph reminds us that this is not the first time the executive has used ChatGPT for crypto-related issues. On March 15th, Grogan discovered and published that GPT-4 could detect security vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts. It could even provide a way to exploit faulty contracts.

Predictions beyond crypto

Grogan has asked ChatGPT to calculate probabilities on several other events, including political ones. He asked for predictions about the future of Presidents Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump. It was also able to make predictions about the impact of AI on humanity. But also on religion, and on a likely existence of extraterrestrials. On the question, the AI gives a 10% probability to the following prediction: “Extraterrestrials have visited Earth and are being hidden by the government.

OpenAI is the company that develops ChatGPT. They have found that GPT-4 is so accurate that it can get 90% of the correct answers on a school exam. But does that mean we should rely on its predictions?

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