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Wecan Group unveils the exclusive public presale of its WECAN Token at the Web3Connect event on September 12, 2023

Tue 12 Sep 2023 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Theia P. Press Release

Geneva, September 12, 2023 – Wecan Group proudly announced at the Web3Connect event the long-awaited public pre-sale launch of its utility token, the WECAN Token. This marks an important milestone in the company’s journey and the development of its product suite.

wecan sécurisez vos donnees et gerez vos conformite

Introducing Wecan Group and its product suite

Since its creation in 2015, Wecan Group has been committed to the vision of a tokenized, interconnected world on the blockchain to enhance data security. Through its suite of products, the Web3 software publisher thus enables individuals and businesses to regain control of their data thanks to end-to-end, blockchain-verifiable distributed and encrypted storage.

As an innovative company with institutional standards, Wecan Group has developed 2 secure data exchange platforms based on blockchain technology: Wecan Comply – for the exchange of structured data, currently used to simplify the compliance of data exchanged in the banking industry – and Wecan Connect – for instant message exchange, as an alternative to WhatsApp.

Recently named meilleure solution blockchain européenne lors des Wealth Briefing Awards, Wecan Group is establishing itself as a major player in the blockchain ecosystem with over 100 customers who are leaders in their fields, including banks, financial intermediaries, hotels and clinics.

Dedicated to democratizing access to blockchain and Web3 through education, conferences and research projects, Wecan Group is excited to now offer a unique opportunity for its community to build the future together!

The launch of the WECAN Token is thus strategically aligned with Wecan Group’s longterm vision, as evidenced by its WhitePaper.

Introducing the WECAN Token

The WECAN utility token plays a central role in the blockchain technology architecture of these products, with a registration fee of 1 WECAN token per transaction, i.e. per message exchanged.

It also promotes the acceleration of platform adoption by supporting the entire product suite ecosystem and introducing a series of innovative features, notably via premium services, thus creating a strong relationship between product users and the group’s economic sustainability.

To reward its community, Wecan Group is committed to redistributing 10% of its revenues in WECAN Tokens to its users, who will receive tokens when they receive messages or refer new users, promoting a virtuous cycle of engagement. For example, users will receive a WECAN token for every 10 messages they receive on Wecan Connect thanks to the message & earn feature.

Users will also be able to help prioritize features, report bugs and suggest improvements via WECAN Tokens.

Anticipating strong demand

Wecan Group has just successfully completed its private pre-sale, with several users such as Michel Reybier having contributed significantly to the acquisition of WECAN tokens as part of the deployment of Wecan Connect within the 17 hotels of his Michel Reybier Hospitality group.

Wecan Group is now launching its public pre-sale, offering its community a unique opportunity to pre-order 1 billion WECAN tokens at CHF 0.00085, ahead of the WECAN Token’s stock market listing scheduled for the first quarter of 2024 at a price of CHF 0.001.

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