What does the future have in store for Ethereum (ETH)?

Fri 21 May 2021 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Adrien S.

A group of 35 experts have taken a quick glance into their crystal balls to predict the price of Ethereum (ETH) in 2025. Their estimates range from $1,850 (~£1,304) to $100,000 (~£70,589).

Ethereum 2025: what do the experts say?

On 10th May 2021, a report by Finder entitled “Finder Cryptocurrency Predictions 2021” collated the responses from 35 experts who were asked to engage in some future-gazing to predict Ethereum’s (ETH) price in 2025. The average result of their answers leaves us with a price of $19,842 (~£14,006) by 2025.

At the time of asking, the majority (59%) of the panel believed that now was the best time to buy ether; 28% believed HODLing was the best option, and 13% responded that it was time to sell.

Sarah Bergstrand, the COO of Bitbull Capital, receives the honour of the highest price prediction for Ethereum, putting it at $100,000 (~£70,589) by 2025.

She justified her estimation by referring to the network’s major 2021 updates, including new features that could cause its price to skyrocket.

Elvira Sojli, a professor from the University of New South Wales, Australia, was considerably more conservative (or pessimistic) with her prediction. She put Ethereum’s 2025 price at a lowly $1,850 (~£1,305).

What about the near future?

With Ethereum sitting around the $3,600 mark (~£2,541) when the panel were asked, they were also posed a question about the cryptocurrency’s prospects in the short term. The average of their responses gives us a figure of $4,512 (~£3,184) by the end of 2021, an increase of 234% with respect to the predictions for the end of 2020.

However, for Samantha Yap, the founder and current CEO of YAP Global, Ethereum will reach $10,000 (~£7,059) by the end of this year, remarking that “once Bitcoin (BTC) is mass adopted, Ethereum will be next on people’s list”.

Dr Paul Ennis, lecturer and assistant professor at the University College of Dublin, agreed with Yap, arguing that Ethereum is “highly undervalued and has far more uses than Bitcoin”.

Joel Kruger, a cryptocurrency strategist at LMAX Group, was more cautious with his prediction, setting it as $2,000 (~£1,412) before the year is out. However, he was keen to recognise Ethereum’s potential, especially given the strong innovative capacity demonstrated by the network, something which he believed would surely increase its value in the future.

Many other figures from the crypto community also appeared on the list of panellists, including Igor Runets, the CEO of Bitriver; Joseph Raczynski from Thomson Reuters; Jason Lau, the COO of OKcoin; Simon Peters, eToro market analyst and senior account manager; Lex Sokolin, the head economist at ConsenSys; Sagi Bakshi, the Coinmama CEO; Sathvik Vishwanath, the CEO of Unocoin and Josh Fraser, cofounder of the Origin Protocol.

So, what is the final verdict? Well, to paraphrase France’s former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac: predictions are like promises; they only bind those who believe in them.

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