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XRP: An analyst predicts Ripple's native token will soar

Mon 10 Jul 2023 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Luc Jose A.
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The recent disclosure of Hinman’s documents reversed expectations of a Ripple victory against the SEC. Despite this, some believe the firm’s native crypto has significant upside potential.

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Ripple’s XRP price set to reach $10

Crypto company Ripple’s chances of winning its case against the SEC have been dwindling. Ever since the disappointing disclosure of the Hinman documents, considered for several months to be the key to the trial.

Nevertheless, crypto analyst Crypto Assets Guy believes that XRP, Ripple’s native token, is not to be buried. In his opinion, the asset is still in line for a price explosion. It is expected to rise to $3.5, then $10, from its current level of around $0.50.

The surge in XRP’s price, despite the current legal context, is due to a combination of factors. The first of these is the fact that the crypto is now available on certain exchanges. In particular, those that delisted it.

A second circumstance could impact XRP’s price valuation, according to Crypto Assets Guy. This is the possible IPO of Ripple, which could trigger a new wave of crypto bullishness. This trend is likely to strengthen as the crypto company ramps up strategic collaborations with banking institutions.

Admittedly, these predictions are essentially subjective. In view of the weight and circumstances of the crypto market, their realization remains essentially hypothetical, if not questionable.

Nevertheless, JackTheRippler, another crypto analyst, sees XRP reaching a valuation of $1,000. His projection, which understates that of Crypto Assets Guy, has delighted many XRP supporters.

For many others, it would take a miracle for such expectations to materialize. Perhaps the crypto whales hold the secret to the latter? Last month, when the XRP collapsed, many of them pounced on it. They offered themselves up to 360 million XRP.

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