Bitcoin's Price Prediction 2024: A Bullish Outlook - Experts Predict Over 100% Surge by 2025

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Bitcoin has enjoyed an incredible start to 2024 that has culminated in it passing the $50k mark for the first time since 2021. There are a lot of good feelings around the project at the moment as the Bitcoin halving event is just around the corner too. However, it is always important not to get too carried away as we know how quickly things can change with crypto. Later on in this piece, we will make a Bitcoin price prediction that is a little more cautious when compared to what we see from other experts that predict an over 100% surge by 2025. However, first, we want to look at the Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) presale and how it could actually be a driving factor behind Bitcoin’s success in 2024.

Bitcoin Bull run

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Bitcoin Minetrix- How this project could solve the Bitcoin mining problem

As we mentioned in the opening, a lot of exports are focused on the upcoming halving event and the ETF’s progress when it comes to Bitcoin’s potential. However, there is reason to believe that Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), an altcoin currently going through presale, could be a driving force behind its future success.

We understand this is quite the claim, but Bitcoin Minetrix aims to change how not only Bitcoin is mined, but crypto in general. It has just passed the $11 million raised mark and entered stage 26 of the presale. So, there is already a lot of buzz around the project.

The main goal of Bitcoin Minetrix is to provide a cheaper and greener way to mine BTC. The main target for this project is the everyday investor who can no longer mine Bitcoin due to the cost. This is a huge problem that the mining industry faces alongside environmental concerns.

In the beginning, before Bitcoin took off, anyone with the technical know-how would be able to mine Bitcoin. Now, Bitcoin has ironically become a victim of its own success. Due to its popularity, mining is almost exclusively done in massive data centers that cost annual fees in the millions to run.

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Let’s not forget that at its center, crypto is supposed to be an anti-bank, anti-elite movement that gives everyone the same amount of control over their own assets. The fact the mining of its number one currency is now an exclusive activity only the rich can afford is not a good look.

This is a problem within the crypto community, but the one possible coming down the tracks from outside crypto circles is much bigger. The spot Bitcoin ETFs were hailed as groundbreaking progress for Bitcoin and the crypto industry as a whole. Wall Street’s largest asset managers getting involved in crypto was the validation the market has been hunting for since its inception.

With the good comes the bad, however, and this new step into the mainstream means the market is now under a microscope. We should not forget that many politicians want to try and curtail the crypto market as much as possible. That is why the news that The United States Department of Energy is demanding crypto miners report their energy consumption for the next six months is worrying.

This came after a bItcoin price pump and just shows how much regulatory scrutiny Bitcoin is now about to come under. It is likely that the results of this analysis will be used as a political football. This makes Bitcoin Minetrix’s success even more important after this announcement.

How Bitcoin Minetrix will use staking to secure cloud mining

Bitcoin Minetrix is not the first project to try and solve the problem with Bitcoin mining. Cloud mining was originally supposed to be the solution that allows everyone to mine once again. It involves individuals entering into a cash contract with mining companies and then their mining time.

Unfortunately, the mining companies took advantage of cloud mining. They charge individuals massive deposits and even after this still make them give up a share of their yields. The whole process isn’t worthwhile, and that’s without worrying about the scammers, which unfortunately are plentiful in the cloud mining landscape.

Bitcoin Minetrix has realized though that the cloud mining process is good in theory it just needs some tweaking, they have done this by adding staking into the mix. The staking part of the ecosystem means that individuals have complete control over the process and can not be priced out of the market by mining companies.

How it works is investors stake their BTCMTX as usual. They can earn rewards through a very high APY%, or they can exchange their staked tokens for mining credits. These credits act as a ticket to Bitcoin mining as they can mine themselves or get a share of the yields. As we mentioned, the process is cheaper and greener than normal BTC mining. It could be what Bitcoin turns to in the future.

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Bitcoin is likely to still pump, but volatile days are still ahead

The Bitcoin chart above shows its performance for the last 30 days. As we can see, it has been a great month for the market’s largest project as it has seen a massive 20% growth. As we already mentioned this is as high as BTC has been since 2021. While we agree the price is likely to still go up in 2024 we would also advise caution.

We have to remember, it was only this year that exports were predicting that Bitcoin would hit an all-time high after the ETF applications were confirmed by the SEC. While it did pump up until the announcement afterwards the price fell drastically. Investors should keep that in mind for the halving event. It could be best to get out just before it begins and then buy back in after the potential price drop.


While we are bullish on Bitcoin’s future price, there might be a clever way to approach it to take advantage of potential volatility in its price, notably with Bitcoin Mientrix. The coin is still going through presale, but there is speculation about its potential performance in 2024.

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