Although the world of blockchain technology is still relatively young, an ecosystem is already starting to emerge. Between associations, companies, projects and legislation, the blockchain ecosystem is in perpetual motion! Follow every new twist and turn here!

Singapore is ready to launch new blockchain projects

30 Jul. 2021 – 19h30 PM 3 min reading – by Karen Bombersnoot
Singapore, one of the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions, has announced its plans to explore and develop new scenarios for the… blocks access to Bitcoin Core for UK users

5 Jul. 2021 – 18h02 PM 3 min reading – by Matthieu Palois
Following the order to remove the Bitcoin white paper from its site, can no longer offer the Bitcoin Core software…

1INCH Network to launch its own stablecoin

2 Jul. 2021 – 13h00 PM 2 min reading – by Adrien Stefanini
1inch Network, a DeFi project, has partnered with the ICHI platform to launch a new native stablecoin for use within the platf…

NYDIG to allow 650 banks to buy Bitcoin (BTC)

30 Jun. 2021 – 18h30 PM 4 min reading – by Nicolas Teterel
You probably have never heard of it before, but NYDIG is now bulldozing into the crypto space. The company has just announced …

Blockchain helps Hong Kong Apple Daily bypass censorship

26 Jun. 2021 – 17h26 PM 3 min reading – by Geoffrey Smith
Cyberactivists archived a Hong Kong pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily on ARWeave after the newspaper was forced to suspend its…

Internet Computer (ICP): The revolution of the internet?

28 May. 2021 – 16h31 PM 7 min reading – by Clément Cauffet
After an eventful listing where the token reached £495.11 ($700.65), a market cap of over £61 billion, the Internet Computer (…

Coinbase and Binance crash, again

26 May. 2021 – 18h30 PM 3 min reading – by Stepheer Fans
With the collapse of the crypto markets last Wednesday, many people wanted to withdraw some of their funds from the various pl…

Coinbase (COIN) shares fall

22 May. 2021 – 15h30 PM 3 min reading – by Arnaud De Montbrial
Once upon a time Coinbase (COIN) and bitcoin (BTC) went to the bar and Coinbase had to pay the tab. The exchange’s share price…

Telos, big brands’ blockchain of choice

21 May. 2021 – 15h51 PM 3 min reading – by William Proctor
In a competitive market where clout plays a decisive role, the biggest blockchains end up calling the shots. Although some may…

£57 million lost to cryptocurrency ransomware attacks in 2021

20 May. 2021 – 11h00 AM 4 min reading – by Maximilien Desbordes
In the last couple of days, CoinTribune has been reporting on criminal activity levels in the crypto industry. A particularly …

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