Crypto Markets Are Heating Up: Upcoming Turbulence This Week!

Mon 19 Feb 2024 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Mikaia A.
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As we are on a Sunday, let’s examine the upcoming events for cryptocurrency investors. Delistings, network updates, and economic decisions greatly influence prices. The upcoming Federal Reserve minutes are creating great anticipation for clues on future interest rates. Investors are scrutinizing every movement, aware that the slightest decision can unsettle the already volatile markets.

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Diving into the crypto den: On the lookout for the next waves

In the tumultuous ocean of cryptocurrencies, investors are scanning the horizon for the next ripples. The time has come to arm oneself with patience and vigilance as the days ahead hold crucial adventures. At the top of the list of events to follow is the highly anticipated Federal Reserve minutes, announced for Wednesday at 10:00 PM EET. Analysts are on the lookout, watching for any sign regarding interest rate cuts for 2024. Any statement from the Fed could capsize the markets.

As a reminder: the Fed, guardian of the American economy, is committed to maintaining price stability, targeting inflation around 2%. Its second goal is full employment. As long as the job market remains robust, the Fed will continue to prioritize the fight against inflation, its conundrum, in accordance with its mandate.

In November 2023, the confidence of Jerome Powell, chair of the Fed, was unshakeable: “No rate cuts in sight, period,” he proclaimed. But a month later, the tone changed. At the last press conference, Powell surprised everyone by not only mentioning rate cuts, but also seriously considering their timetable.

Now, the Fed is preparing for two rate cuts of 0.25% in 2024, according to officials. Powell, in an unexpectedly accommodating speech, even suggested that the Fed had reached its rate peak for this cycle. Markets are now anticipating even more drastic reductions, thus illustrating an unexpected turnaround.

Cryptocurrencies: Between volatility and opportunity

Bitcoin (BTC), currently at $51,670, is experiencing a reduction in volumes, favoring sellers. The failure to turn the $51,800 resistance into support leads to profit-taking. Altcoins, despite some breakthroughs, do not seem promising.

In the meantime, AVAX is facing a significant unlocking of $382 million, with a price exceeding $40.

For investors, this situation offers opportunities for speculation on futures contracts. The coming days will hold movements both positive and negative.

Expect movements!

The coming week holds key moments for cryptocurrency investors, notes CoinTurk. Among the major events are the delisting of certain cryptos (ANT, MULTI, VAI, and XMR) on Binance, the listing of Starknet, and the unlocking of DYDX and AVAX.

On the economic front, decisions by the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Turkish central bank, as well as economic indicators such as unemployment insurance claims and manufacturing and services PMIs, will influence the markets.

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