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Crypto - Silent Protocol revolutionizes Ethereum with its Ghost Layer!

Tue 21 May 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S. Article native advertising

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain, Ethereum remains one of the major players, continuously attracting disruptive innovations. It is in this stimulating context that Silent Protocol makes a striking entrance with its Ghost layer, a cutting-edge L1.5 infrastructure designed to propel Ethereum to new heights. This bold solution promises to revolutionize the entire crypto ecosystem.

Crypto - Silent Protocol révolutionne Ethereum avec sa Ghost Layer !

The Ghost Layer: the key to a reinvented crypto ecosystem

At the heart of this innovation lies the patented EZEE Framework, a revolutionary hybrid zk architecture enabling secure access to globally shared data. Thanks to this technological advancement, Silent Protocol has been able to design its Ghost Layer. It is a modular zk-based system that stores the encrypted state of the user above the Ethereum crypto.

But what truly distinguishes the Ghost Layer is its unique L1.5 status. Although its computation is performed by the proprietary 0VM, its security and validity are defined by the Ethereum crypto ledger through the use of ZK-SNARK. Furthermore, its state is stored in a smart contract on the main blockchain, thus creating a harmonious link between the two layers.

Pushing the boundaries of privacy and compliance on Ethereum

Silent Protocol’s ambition does not stop there. Indeed, the Ghost Layer paves the way for a fully compliant, composable, and privacy-respecting Ethereum ecosystem. On the one hand, this infrastructure provides a seamless solution to allow users to interact anonymously with existing decentralized applications (dApps) on Ethereum. Through an access channel system, native Ethereum resources can be securely integrated, enabling omnidirectional movement of crypto assets while protecting privacy.

On the other hand, Silent Protocol has developed a Compliance Virtual Machine (Silent Compliance VM) to ensure compliance with regulations by users and institutions. This feature opens the doors wide to massive adoption of blockchain by traditional players.

The launch of the Ghost Layer by Silent Protocol marks a major turning point in the evolution of the Ethereum ecosystem. By introducing the first modular L1.5 for the second-largest crypto, this innovative solution promises to address challenges related to privacy, compliance, and composability, three essential pillars for widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Whether it’s savvy investors, visionary developers, or regulation-conscious institutions, the Ghost Layer opens up exciting new prospects.

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