Google suspends image generation on Gemini AI! Political decision?

Fri 23 Feb 2024 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S.
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On February 22, 2024, Google announced it has paused the ability of its artificial intelligence, Gemini, to generate images of people. The reason given: historical inaccuracies in some of the images produced by AI. Under the guise of politically correct corrections, the California giant is actually limiting the revolutionary potential of its AI.

IA Google Gemini

 Gemini, a Sacrificed Promising Tool 

With Gemini, Google had an image generation tool that was extremely powerful. In seconds, AI could produce hyper-realistic images from a simple textual description. The creative possibilities seemed endless.

But the magic of Gemini was quickly extinguished. A few historically incorrect images spotted on social networks were enough for Google to suspend the feature entirely. Gemini is no longer allowed to generate any human face. A radical decision taken under the pressure of a minority of professional offense.

This high-tech iconoclasm is regrettable for more than one reason. First, because it sacrifices a tool with significant artistic and educational potential on the altar of political correctness. Secondly, because it reveals Google’s timidity and lack of courage on divisive societal issues. Rather than embrace the unbridled creativity enabled by its AI, the company prefers to quell controversies by restraining its technology.

AI, a Victim of the Cultural War 

This self-censorship actually hides a deeper phenomenon: the increasing ideological enlistment of Silicon Valley. Under pressure from progressive lobbies, tech giants are increasingly compliantly bowing to the dictates of political correctness.

AI is suffering the consequences. Revolutionary tools capable of pushing the boundaries of creation are hampered by moral righteousness. Their organic development is perverted by external considerations, far removed from technological issues.

 Towards an Ethical Framework for AI 

However, an ethical framework for the use of AI is necessary. Safeguards must be established to prevent abuses. But this must be done in a transparent and democratic manner, without excessive activism.

The example of Google with Gemini shows that it is urgent to move out of the current climate of cultural warfare. Otherwise, the promises of AI may be sacrificed on the altar of militant radicality, to the detriment of technological progress.

By suspending the face generation capabilities of its AI Gemini, Google has given in to politically correct pressure. Rather than embracing the unfettered creativity allowed by its tool, the company prefers to nip any controversy in the bud. This reflex reveals the growing grip of ideology on AI, risking to hinder its development. A transparent and democratic ethical framework is necessary, to reconcile technological progress and societal acceptability.

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