How To Earn Ripple (XRP) Without Any Starting Capital

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It’s always nice to be able to get something without having to pay money. That said, it is not necessarily very common and it is not always possible to achieve. But as we’ll see, if you’re interested in Ripple, there’s the option to earn XRP without having to invest money out of your own pocket.

In order to help you earn Ripple without any investment, we will explain the different methods that are available while breaking down some conventional wisdom on the subject.

Reasons not to buy XRP the usual way

The most traditional way to get Ripple is to invest directly in it. To do this, you have to go to an exchange site and use a credit card, bank transfer or cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, some people may not want, or cannot, invest directly in Ripple for several reasons.

In some cases, the security measures put in place by the purchasing platforms are too strict and a user may not have the ability to pass the KYC (Know Your Customer – identity verification). As a result, they may find themself unable to make a deposit on the exchange.

In other situations, it may be the individual’s bank that is causing problems. Some banks are not at all crypto friendly and prohibit their customers from investing in digital assets or at least, do everything they can to slow down this process as much as possible.

Yet more people may not have full confidence in crypto assets. Since we hear plenty of stories about scams that exist in the community, it is understandable that the most suspicious individuals are reluctant to invest their personal money in XRP.

In order to allow users who, either for technical reasons or by choice, do not have the opportunity to purchase Ripple in the traditional way, we will dissect some of the options for obtaining XRP tokens without prior investment.

Can I earn XRP through mining?

Like some other digital currencies, the Ripple is not minable. It was actually pre-mined before launch. It is therefore not possible to obtain XRP tokens using this method. However, this is not really a problem, because a cryptocurrency as capitalised as Ripple would have required huge investments in high-performance mining equipment.

Completing tasks on specialised sites

There are many specialised sites where you can complete micro-tasks such as watching a video, clicking on ads or answering surveys. Every time you take an action, you earn a small amount of money.

While this type of platform has existed for ages now, in recent years we have seen the emergence of specialised sites that allow users to be paid in new ways, including with cryptocurrencies – in particular Ripple.

There are several of these, and if you want to take a look at it, we can recommend Idle-Empire, which is one of the most reputable in the industry.

Get XRP donations for creating content

If you regularly visit cryptocurrency-related sites or YouTube channels, you’ve probably found that many content creators insert their wallet addresses to receive donations in several different cryptocurrencies.

In case you too are a content creator, or want to become a content creator, you will also have the opportunity to ask the people who visit your work to throw a few coins your way if they have appreciated your work. Among the payment methods you can offer your readers, you have the option to choose XRP.

However, keep in mind that you need to be followed by a large number of people in order for you to start receiving XRP donations. In addition, donations may be made in digital assets other than Ripple.

Lending money in Ripple

Cryptocurrency loans are becoming more and more popular. As at a traditional bank, when you borrow, you have to pay interest on the money you have been loaned.

If you have XRP that you don’t use, you can store them on a specialised platform that will lend them to other users. This allows you to receive a portion of the interest collected by the site.

You can also decide not to go through an intermediary and lend your XRP directly to an individual to collect 100% of the interest for yourself. However, this is a very risky method, because cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and a court is unlikely to convict someone who refuses to return your XRP.

In the cryptocurrency industry, it is better to play the security card through a reputable organisation and leave them a share than to want to pocket 100% of the income and risk never seeing your money again.


Sometimes, a new project decides to airdrop their token to get it onto the market faster, or to quickly make itself known to the general public. In some cases, the project may partner with a particular cryptocurrency to distribute its tokens.

In the past, some projects have decided to make themselves known by airdropping tokens to all people who owned XRP. Unfortunately, to take advantage of these kinds of offers, you must already have ripple beforehand. In addition, these events can happen at any time and it is not possible to anticipate them.

It should also be noted that the tokens obtained will not be XRP, but those of the future project. You will have to convert them if you want to get ripple instead, but you have to keep in mind that you can only trade these tokens much later, when the project gets a listing on an exchange.

Getting paid with XRP

There are many companies, most of which operate in the tech sector, that pay their employees with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Similarly, a payment in Ripple is also possible.

However, receiving XRP instead of your salary should be considered an investment, since the XRP replaces the salary you should have received in fiat.

If you own a business, whether brick-and-mortar or on the internet, you can also allow your customers to pay for their purchases with Ripple, although you will probably have to offer a wider choice of digital assets in order to satisfy all individuals who want to pay with crypto. However, with the new features of some payment providers, it is possible to automatically convert a given cryptocurrency to the XRP, for a fee of course.

Take advantage of Ripple casino bonuses

Another alternative to earning XRP without investing is to sign up at Ripple casinos (insert link). By choosing the right platforms, you can take advantage of a small amount of money offered as a bonus for signing up or depositing.

Of course, the XRP offered by the casino is not immediately withdrawable. They will have to be staked on the site to meet the betting requirements. But if you manage to win one of the games, it is possible to receive XRP for free.

You may also be tempted to deposit your own money at a Ripple casino. If you think you have a chance of winning big on their online games, you should also know that you may end up making a loss. So be careful if you use this option, as winnings are never guaranteed when playing at an online casino.


Now is the time to conclude our guide to earning XRP without an upfront investment. As you have seen, there are many different options available to get your hands on some Ripple without having to invest your own money directly.

However, all the methods that allow you to receive XRP without investing will allow you to collect only a few ripple tokens. It will be extremely difficult to raise a large amount of money in this way. In addition, some of the strategies outlined above may require a significant investment of time to take advantage of them.

The easiest way to get Ripple is to go to a reliable trading platform to buy XRP tokens directly. This won’t allow you to get Ripple for free, but it’s by far the quickest and easiest option to implement.

If you are interested in the Ripple project, we invite you to take a look at our library of guides for XRP. Each time, we deal with a different aspect of this promising project.

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