How to get your LiteBit exchange sign-up bonus?

Sun 05 Dec 2021 ▪ 5 min of reading ▪ by James T.

We have already told you about LiteBit, an exchange that has recently obtained PSAN (DASP) registration in France! Today, we’ll share with you how to get the 20 credit sign-up bonus offered by the exchange. Getting this gift won’t take you long, so don’t miss your chance!

What is Litebit?

Litebit, the company we told you about in the previous instalment, is a European cryptocurrency broker. It allows you to buy, sell, and hold more than 45 cryptocurrencies on the platform. Originally from the Netherlands, the company operates in multiple European countries and has recently entered the French market. Founded in 2013, Litebit has an intuitive interface, both on its website and on the app. Through constant recruitment, the Dutch company hopes to strengthen its team to provide its users with high-quality customer service. As you can see, Litebit is here to stay! If you don’t want to miss the boat, here’s how to get your sign-up bonus!

How to benefit from the sign-up bonus?

The platform has its own currency: Litebit credits. A Litebit credit has a value of one euro, so €20 will be gifted to you after you sign up. To do this, you just have to register and verify your identity.

First, go to the Litebit website and click “Get started”:

Litebit.eu registration, Source: Litebit.eu

You just need to fill in your personal details, your email, phone number, date of birth, nationality, etc. After verifying your email address and phone number, you are ready to go!

Next, you’ll have to verify your identity. Once again, the platform is set on making this step user-friendly.

Identity verification, Source: Korben

The Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure allows the platform to verify your identity and therefore combat fraud, money-laundering, and other illicit activities. This is a must for major exchanges, and Litebit, of course, also makes sure that your data is safe.

Once verified, you can benefit from the whole range of Litebit services.

The registration bonus is, however, subject to certain conditions. Amongst other things, this offer celebrates the platform’s launch in France, meaning that the participants must be currently living in France. Only those who have received Litebit’s email with the subject «Bienvenue au nouveau client français» (“Welcome, our new French customer”) can participate in the promotion. You can find the terms and conditions of the offer on the Litebit website.

Why use Litebit to buy, sell, and crypto in France?

It would take an entire article to answer this question, considering the advantages the platform offers. In my humble opinion, the most compelling thing about Litebit is its PSAN (DASP) or Digital Asset Service Provider registration. The registration, obtained through the AMF (France’s Financial Markets Regulator), guarantees compliance and is, in a way, proof of the platform’s legitimacy.

Another argument in favour of Litebit is its 24/7 customer service. No more waiting for a reply from the other end of the world! No unanswered emails on the weekend either.

Finally, the platform is eager to democratise cryptocurrency use. Litebit has a blog to keep you posted on the latest news in the crypto industry. Moreover, through enabling crypto purchases by credit card, Litebit wishes to make it easier for you to have a variety of cryptos in your secure Litebit wallet.

Try Litebit and get your free bonus!

Litebit is ready to make some noise in France and all over Europe! If you believe in this company’s potential, don’t hesitate to register! Go to the website and take advantage of your sign-up bonus. We believe that this project can become your golden ticket, so we’ll make sure to let you know about its developments!

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