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Investing in crypto is no longer a recipe for insomnia with Wasdaq! 

Wed 01 Dec 2021 ▪ 9 min of reading ▪ by Vincent I.

Any cryptocurrencies enthusiast can list their many advantages and praise the pursuit of financial independence that the young industry can represent for the evangelists of these digital currencies.  But even among the most passionate ones, the time-consuming side of these new volatile markets that never sleep and the negative consequences they can have on your quality of life remain aspects and questions still quite neglected in this universe, and yet, so very important.
Wasdaq intends to change the game by bringing these issues to the forefront and by demonstrating that it is possible to combine the serenity of a market based on predefined schedules with the frenzy of the cryptocurrency world. 


A concept from traditional finance is coming to cryptos for the first time!

The stress, the late nights and early wakings, the anxious pressure of a stifling market that never sleeps and invades your free time. Like many cryptocurrency investors, traders and holders alike, these issues are certainly not unfamiliar to you.

In a 24/7 active market, it is indeed difficult to have any peace of mind and to not constantly think about your investments. Thus, it is not uncommon to be tempted to take a look at the status of one’s crypto portfolio at any time of the day, in any situation.

This alienating feeling coming from the constant risk of missing out on big, sudden, unpredictable moves or market opportunities if you dare to even leave your screen for a few hours or worse, take a crypto break on the weekend, is not the healthiest for your quality of life and your mental well-being.  

So, it is not surprising that many institutional and wannabe investors wishing to avoid these inconveniences are still reluctant towards these new markets. These issues are then a major hurdle to the adoption of cryptocurrencies if nothing is done to address them properly.

Yet, a solution to this problem has been around for decades. And, it is known to all since it comes straight from traditional finance : predefined trading schedules. 

As the name suggests, the project is actually inspired by the NASDAQ, a market that operates at predefined opening and closing times. Thus allowing users to have time to themselves without having to think about their investments when the market is closed.

Wasdaq comes to save your quality of life

Now imagine that this concept could be borrowed from traditional finance and applied to the cryptocurrency markets. Giving you the benefits that go along with this new industry without the burden of the inconveniences that directly impact your quality of life, as well as your quality of sleep.

And that’s precisely where Wasdaq comes in!

Freeing you from this mental slavery of crypto charts by offering you the priceless peace of mind of having predefined schedules that will protect you in absolute safety from any market volatility when it’s closed, that’s the ambition carried by the Wasdaq team of the project. 

A brand new kind of crypto marketplace to allow you to separate the time allocated to cryptocurrencies from the rest of your life.

If you’re passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies but can’t take the stress and mental load caused by a market that never sleeps, if you’re tired of the impact it has on your quality of life, or simply, if you’re interested in these crypto markets but are turned off by these aspects, Wasdaq is probably for you!

How does it work?

The project’s token, the WSDQ, is the world’s first cryptocurrency that can be traded only when the market is open. In other words, WSDQ is tradable only from Monday to Friday, from 1:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. UTC.

Outside this window, all transactions are impossible thanks to the smart contract “The GateKeeper” developed for the project. Buying and selling tokens is impossible until the next market opening.

So you have all the time in the world to enjoy your life without having to think about your investments during the market closing periods. 

No more weekends wasted by the volatility of the crypto markets!

An unprecedented phenomenon in cryptos

Trading with Wasdaq also means experiencing the feeling of a token launch on a daily basis.

The constant worry of a market that never sleeps now gives way to the excitement of the upcoming opening of this new kind of market.

The team has just shared a major piece of news that is likely to send the token price through the roof, but the markets are closed on the weekend? The effects of the announcement will be observable by all only the following Monday,  at the opening of the market. 

It’s not hard to imagine that such an innovative concept will be a hit in an industry where the build-up of hype based on news and rumors often generates FOMO (fear of missing out).

This phenomenon is completely unprecedented in the cryptocurrency world!

Avalanche welcomes the Wasdaq revolution!

The project was very recently launched on the blockchain Avalanche, becoming one of the few BSC projects to make the cross-chain transition between the two.

It is now possible to trade WSDQ on both Avalanche C-Chain and Binance Smart Chain thanks to the bridge developed by Wasdaq to allow users to transfer their tokens between the two networks.

Large-scale ambitions for 2022!

Judging by Wasdaq’s roadmap, 2022 should be a thriving year for the project!

While for now, WSDQ is the only one to benefit from this innovative concept, the essence of the project will really take shape next year!

Indeed, because the aspirations of the team behind Wasdaq are not limited to its token alone, the startup is thinking big and has every intention of bringing its revolution in the cryptocurrency world to others!”

Beyond its status as a pioneer in the crypto industry with a token bearing unique characteristics, the Wasdaq team is ultimately aiming for the generalization of this concept by creating the future reference of the genre: a cryptocurrency exchange that will be entirely dedicated to it.

As soon as 2022, the project will therefore begin the development of the world’s first trading platform (CEX or CEX/DEX hybrid) offering the possibility to trade at predefined times.

Thus, more tokens are planned on this model, with different schedules offered to allow companies to tokenize themselves via the platform created by Wasdaq, all in compliance with current regulations. 

On the side of the WSDQ token holders, they will benefit from a percentage of the fees generated by trading tokens on the Wasdaq market.

And that’s precisely where the ultimate goal of the project lies: to be a driver of mass adoption by purging the crypto market of its most prohibitive aspects. And this, in order to seduce both startups and institutions by motivating them to enter this new industry under the best conditions.

There is no doubt that we will hear more about Wasdaq in the coming months with the beginnings of the development of their groundbreaking trading platform. Featuring an innovative concept with an obvious potential that meets a real need, this exchange promises to be a future reference on the way to the adoption and democratization of cryptocurrencies. Be the first to take part in this crypto revolution by joining its growing community and find out more by reading the project white paper.

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