Paris Blockchain Week Summit and DeFi

Fri 01 Apr 2022 ▪ 5 min of reading ▪ by Ian H.

In the 2022 Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS), decentralized finance will be in the spotlight! A new addition to PBWS is a day devoted to NFTs and the technology backing them; this will precede the two day show staged at Palais Brogniart. Let’s review the events this week at PBWS. 

April 12: Paris NFT Day

Chain Of Events – the trade show organizer for professionals specializing in blockchain – wanted to dedicate a day to NFTs: the Paris NFT Day! Thus, fans of NFT technologies will be able to meet at the Palais Brongniart on April 12, 2022 to discuss these topics. During this day, you will find:

  • 1) Conferences addressing the role NFTs play in the modern economy 
  • 2) A physical NFT gallery located in Palais Brongniart
  • 3) An NFT auction organized by the decentralized fund Blackpool 

In addition, holders of the NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club will be able to participate in the first meeting to be held in France. The project recently launched its own cryptocurrency – $APE –  which will be discussed. 

The following two days will be dedicated to conferences and exhibitions at the Palais Brongniart for the Paris Blockchain Week Summit! 

More information on Paris NFT day is here

April 13 & 14: Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Then it’s time for the Paris Blockchain Week Summit on April 13 & 14! Use this promo code and get 20% discount for the tickets. To illustrate the scale of the show, let’s look at the figures revealed by the organizers. Attending April 13 & 14, will be nearly 3,000 blockchain professionals, 250 speakers, 100 sponsors, and 100 media outlets.

These two days at PBWS promises to be eventful for lovers of disruptive technologies. The event will be focused around four main themes; companies and the blockchain, decentralized finance, the blockchain technological revolution, and the evolving role of blockchain regulation.

Above all, the Paris Blockchain Week Summit is an opportunity for blockchain professionals to discuss their projects as well as common issues. There are numerous seminars planned throughout these two days at Palais Brongniart for people to better understand the ecosystem. Let’s take a look at decentralized finance topics which will be discussed. 

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit 

During the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, many speakers will present on the challenges of decentralized finance. There will be numerous seminars discussing an array of DeFi topics.

First, the seminar “ Smart Money Comes In: Institutional Investments in Digital Assets ” will introduce you to how digital assets have caught the attention of institutional investors. Speakers from different funds and investment banks will explore their relationship to the new asset class. You will have the opportunity to learn how cryptocurrencies and other digital assets represent a real opportunity that is coming. 

To continue in the same theme, the seminar “ VCs in the blockchain and digital assets ” will solidify your knowledge of the subject. The way firms are approaching web3 will be discussed and big names like Sébastien Borget (The Sandbox), Brian Norton (MyEtherWallet) and Richard Ma (Quantstamp) will tell you about their plans for the future.

Finally, a larger conference will discuss all the topics highlighted by DeFi. In the seminar, “ The Rise of Decentralized Finance ”, you will learn how DeFi has managed to infiltrate its way into the traditional economy. Stéphane Reverre (Sun ZU Lab), Ilya Volkov (Youhodler), Amber and Paraswap will help provide answers to the challenged DeFi faces, and ways to anticipate future trends. 

A wide array of seminars to attend!

Among the numerous events related to decentralized finance, you will find discussions regarding stablecoins in this ecosystem. Additionally, discussions regarding the way institutions will play into this ecosystem will be discussed – this will help make you a DeFi expert! The list of speakers can be found on the official website for the event

The Paris Blockchain Week Summit returns this year with an even more ambitious list of events. During the week-long event organized by Chain of Events, NFT and blockchain enthusiasts will enjoy a deep dive into the new ecosystem that the blockchain has created. Tickets are available for sale on the event website, where you will also find more information about the show.

To learn more about PBWS, click here

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