In May 1999, a certain Mark. P. Mills released a well-publicised study, notably through Forbes, titled “The internet begins with coal”. He confidently claimed that by as early as 2019, the internet would use 50% of the total electricity production of the American continent. When 2018 came around, the figure stood at… 2%.

Whenever a technological disruptor seems ready to make a foundational change to society, we are subject to a string of self-titled experts who make themselves sick by doing the classic rounds of writing articles, theses, reports and making erudite demonstrations, forcefully crying out in no particular order that:

  • It’s a waste of time
  • It won’t revolutionise anything
  • Things were better before
  • It could put the future of our planet in grave danger

And then reality arrives.

The invention of the steam engine, the advent of electricity, the discovery of the transistor and the internet all belong in this category. They all mark the last three industrial revolutions as defined by Karl Schwab, economist, founder of the Davos Economic Forum and the author of the book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

The Industrial Revolution that we are experiencing today will up-end our current paradigm beyond anything imaginable, and it will do it in just a few decades from now. Robotics and 3D printing, nanotechnologies, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, quantum computing… There are so many new sciences and techniques that will completely transform our world… As long as you can rely on some solid fundamentals – in this case structured, verified, transparent and incorruptible data.

Blockchain technology was created to, precisely, best address this problem, with exciting and promising knock-on effects: the promise to technologically disrupt money (through cryptocurrencies) then finance as a whole (through DeFi), along with the chance to escape the cursed pattern of recurring crises imposed by a system that is now deeply dysfunctional,  extremely centralised, often incompetent and/or corrupt, and that aims to solve the subprime mortgage scandal of 2008 with the helicopter money of the 2020s. 

CoinTribune was born in the midst of this context, with the desire to inform its community of readers on the financial and economic investments of tomorrow by acknowledging that tomorrow is already here. Cryptocurrencies are no longer an engineering fad or quirk: they are a new class of assets with meteoric growth potential, already integrated into the world’s most powerful institutions and currently entering the daily life of the general public. The concepts of investment, alternative investment, risk calculation, portfolio management and recurring income must be adapted, or even rethought. To achieve that, we have to study and re-learn, with verified, neutral, and quality summarised information.


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