Bitcoin rally (BTC): How many coins are still up for sale?

Wed 09 Aug 2023 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S.
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Growing demand for Bitcoin spot ETFs is breathing new life into the price of the largest cryptocurrency of all time. While a potential bitcoin rally is on everyone’s lips, the question is how much BTC is still available for sale.

Bitcoin rally

Bitcoin rally in sight, what are the investment prospects?

The price of bitcoin (BTC) is generally determined by the extent of supply and demand. The more demand exceeds supply, the greater the chance of a bitcoin rally. During the dark days of the cryptocurrency market, most exchanges opted to hoard coins.

Now that things are picking up, crypto investing is once again spreading its wings. Given the scale of demand for BTC, it’s necessary to determine how many coins are still available for sale. Since the creation of bitcoin (BTC) in 2010, almost 1.46 million BTC, or around 7.2% of the total supply, have not been traded.

As a result, if we combine Hot Supply (511,000 BTC) and Perpetual Futures Open Interest (472,000 BTC), the value of coins still available hovers around $29.5 billion. In fact, 983,000 bitcoins are available for purchase, with just under half considered to be spot BTC.

How does the spot BTC ETF influence price movements?

Applications for Bitcoin spot ETFs are currently the big trend in the crypto market. While investors and companies in the sector see this as a way to stabilize asset prices, the machine is struggling to get off the ground.

Although the SEC has acknowledged certain applications, it is still taking its time before approval, triggering the ire of asset providers. Their reaction has a particular reason: a bitcoin (BTC) rally. Indeed, a Bitcoin spot ETF should have several advantages, such as lower risk, better liquidity and increased accessibility.

Although the SEC is still reluctant to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF, the crypto market is gradually emerging from its downtrend. Despite a slight drop in the bitcoin price, investors continue to believe in an imminent bitcoin rally.

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