2024 Crypto regulations: France shifts into high gear

Fri 11 Aug 2023 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Evans S.
Getting informed Crypto regulation

France’s digital horizon is taking on radically new shades, and the country is showing its readiness to anchor itself as Europe’s cryptocurrency mainstay. On the threshold of 2024, France unveils its determination and strategy, breathing new life into cryptocurrency regulation.

Crypto in France: 2024, the Regulatory Year

Towards European harmonization

The year 2024 marks a decisive move by France towards the implementation of MiCA. Moreover, this regulation has been designed to ensure the stability of crypto asset markets throughout the European Union.

The Financial Markets Authority (AMF) has announced major changes to the registration requirements for companies in the crypto sector. These changes are part of a collective European approach. Indeed, all member states are actively preparing to implement the MiCA precepts.

With its already robust regulatory framework, France is an attractive location for crypto players.

Crypto regulations: constructive change for crypto players

From January 1, 2024, “newcomers” to the crypto market will have to comply with enhanced registration requirements. But far from being a hindrance, this change offers real benefits. Indeed, it promises a fast-track authorization procedure for those who have already operated in the territory with prior approval.

For companies registered before this date, a “grandfather” clause will allow them to continue under the previous regime, testifying to the AMF’s flexibility and forward-looking vision.

The very essence of this regulation rests on solid pillars. It emphasizes security, conflict-of-interest management and clarity of information, guaranteeing the protection of clients’ assets.

The first effects of this progressive regulation are already palpable: giants like Binance are tracing their regulatory wake in France.

The French crypto landscape is thus poised for a veritable renaissance, orchestrated by forward-looking regulations. By speeding up its regulations, France is not just following the trend, it aims to shape it. As 2024 looms, only one question remains: how is this bold advance shaping the future of crypto in Europe and beyond? With bitcoin approaching $98,000, anything is to be expected.

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