Relive the highlights of Web3TalentFair’s success during EthCCweek

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Web3TalentFair is an avant-garde event organized in Paris on July 22, 2023 in the mythical Hôtel de Massa. For this 2nd edition, a series of fascinating exchanges took place which revealed the immense potential of the Web3 ecosystem and its influence on the future of work.

Picture taken during the EthCCweek

The event gathered leading experts, visionaries and enthusiasts to explore the evolving landscape of work and the revolutionary impact of Web3 technologies. The videos of the 7 panels of the day are now available on Youtube, relive with us this rewarding and exciting day with top-notch guests.

The Web3TalentFair showcased 7 thought-provoking panels, each painting a vivid picture of the Web3 revolution’s impact on the future of work. As the world embraces decentralization, autonomy, and collaboration, the event underscored the transformative potential of Web3 technologies and their role in shaping the economic landscape of tomorrow.

Access all the panels on our YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/@web3talentfair

Panel 1: Synergies between AI & Blockchain in the Web3 Ecosystem: The experts discussed the integration of AI into blockchain technology, its potential to enhance security and cryptography, and the creation of new job opportunities. The panel highlighted the transformative impact of these technologies on the future of work. / Replay:

Panel 2: Embracing Web3 Values, Building a Decentralized World: The panelists delved into the core values of decentralization, trustlessness, and tokenization, highlighting their potential to reshape traditional powerdynamics and drive equitable collaborations. The discussion underscored the philosophical alignment necessary for a human-centric future of work. / Replay:

Panel 3: Empowering Women in the Web3 Industry: The conversation emphasized the impact of gender diversity on the future of work, stressing the economic imperatives of inclusion. Strategies to bridge the gender gap were discussed, and the panelists highlighted the pivotal role of both women and male allies in shaping an inclusive future. / Replay:

Panel 4: Web3 Workforce, Navigating Regulatory and Tax Challenges: Legal experts and researchers explored the implications of DAOs and addressed challenges arising from their decentralized nature. The discussion highlighted the importance of adapting legal models and structures to foster innovation while ensuring stability. / Replay:

Panel 5: Moving from Web2 to Web3, entry points into the Web3 space: Panelists discussed the advantages of Web3, challenges in adoption, tokenization’s role, and the potential impact on job opportunities. The conversation emphasized the importance of continuous learning and engagement in the evolving ecosystem. / Replay:

Panel 6: Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategies in the Web3 Industry: Industry veterans provided insights into the motivations driving individuals to join the Web3 space, the unifying aspects of this emerging industry, and strategies for effective talent acquisition. The panel explored avenues for transitioning from Web2 to Web3, building relationships with recruiters, and sustainable hiring practices. The discussion underscored the industry’s potential to shape the future of work through innovation and collaboration. / Replay:

Panel 7: DAO and Evolution of the Sharing Economy: The panelists, representing diverse backgrounds and organizations, delved into the autonomy and decentralized decision-making capabilities of DAOs. The discussion showcased their potential to revolutionize the sharing economy and pave the way for a new era of collaboration and value distribution. / Replay:

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