2024 Bull Run: Bitcoin Rival Threatens BTS Record

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It was 2018… and for the first time in crypto history, Bitcoin wasn’t the project with the highest number of transactions in one day. Within 24 hours, BitShares reached 1,513,308 transactions, roughly 17.5 per second.

"mining BTC with Bitcoin Minetrix"

That is when BitShares proved it could compete with Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two largest blockchains on the market. At a time of the record, $BTS was worth less than $0.1, while Ethereum was worth over $400.

And now, amidst the bull run predictions, experts think Bitcoin Minetrix, a new Bitcoin rival, could surpass this record.

The project is a hot topic in the crypto world because of its unique features and the possibilities it offers to investors. The experts await a pump in 2024 and predict a positive ROI for investors.

Here is more about the project and why it might be a better option than BitShares.

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Bitcoin Minetrix vs. BitShares – What’s the difference

Two very different projects are fighting to break a new record. Here are the main differences to understand before jumping to the story about Bitcoin Minetrix.

  • Bitcoin Minetrix allows you to mine new Bitcoins at a lower price, while BitShared lets the network decide the future of the blockchain.
  • BitShares permanently records financial technology operations between different blockchain accounts.
  • BitShares can be used to issue and trade company shares, event tickets, software, and digital products and create liquid pools. Bitcoin Minetrix is used to mine new Bitcoins and to hold the coins for APY.
  • BitShares has a circulating supply of 2,995,060,000 BTS, while Bitcoin Minetrix’s supply amounts to 4 billion coins.

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Understanding Bitcoin Minetrix, the new Bitcoin rival

Bitcoin Minetrix aims to rival Bitcoin thanks to its features. First of all, the project allows you to mine new BTC at a low price. Mining with Bitcoin Minetrix is open to everyone because you don’t need expensive equipment or technical knowledge. Further, you save energy and space during mining, and the process is 100% safe and transparent.

Bitcoin Minetrix is an eco-efficient project and a perfect choice for everyone who wants to make a difference in the world. You save energy that is necessary in the traditional mining processes.

Further, Bitcoin Minetrix’s staking platform allows you to hold your coins and earn passive income. The current APY is 62%, and the rewards will be payable for the next two years at a rate of 158.5 $BTCMTX per ETH block.

Bitcoin Minetrix is on presale and has so far raised over $10.9 million in funding. The price of $BTCMTX will increase soon. When you buy this project and mine bitcoins, you contribute to network growth, get more authority over the acquisition process, and finally, enhance the understanding of technological intricacies.

Thanks to these features, experts predict a positive future for the project. The Economic Times says this might be one of the best top new cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024. Famous crypto YouTuber Jacob Bury thinks Bitcoin Minetrix could be the next cryptocurrency to keep an eye on.

Here are key reasons to consider adding Bitcoin Minetrix to your investment portfolio.

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Why should you invest in Bitcoin Minetrix?

  • You mine Bitcoin at a lower price
  • You also receive a massive APY
  • You get a long-term source of passive income
  • You contribute to the Bitcoin network’s growth

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Bitcoin Minetrix prediction 2024 – 2030

According to Crypto Potato, ChatGPT predicts the Bitcoin Minetrix price could reach between $0.05 and $0.10 in 2024.

The factors influencing a bullish price are:

  • Revolutionary mining model
  • High staking APY
  • Growing interest in Bitcoin mining
  • User-friendly platform

TechReport thinks Bitcoin Minetrix will surge after the Bitcoin halving.

Here’s the overview of Bitcoin Minetrix price predictions.

YearPossible LowPossible High

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Final Thoughts. Why can this Bitcoin rival crush BTS’s record?

Bitcoin Minetrix offers many possibilities for investors, such as:

  • Smooth start for everyone, including beginners
  • Upfront equipment costs
  • No noise, warming up, or location worries
  • Simple upgrades with minimal hassle

Because of that, many predict a positive future for this Stake 2 Mine project. The project has the potential to bring 50x-100x ROI to investors after the CEX listings.

Furthermore, investing offers a notable APY and a long-term source of revenue when you invest.

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