Analysts predict the global crypto mining market will exceed $2.8 billion within four years. How should you invest? How profitable is it? Who are the main players? What are the risks and opportunities? Here is where you can get real time updates!

Marathon Digital buys another 30,000 bitcoin miners worth $120M

12h06 PM 2 min reading – by Karen Jouve
Nasdaq-listed Bitcoin (BTC) mining firm Marathon Digital announced a new purchase deal with Bitmain to buy 30,000 units of min…

Bitcoin (BTC) mining difficulty to rise for the first time in two months

1 Aug. 2021 – 19h40 PM 2 min reading – by Stephanie Guerrero
Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has increased by 6.03% as a result of the latest recalculation. The index reached 14.5 trillion ha…

Bitcoin (BTC) hash rate begins to recover as miners migrate from China

29 Jul. 2021 – 22h09 PM 4 min reading – by Karen Bombersnoot
Bitcoin’s hash rate has been showing signs of recovery amid a gradual return of some Chinese miners, who have already moved so…

Bitcoin (BTC) mining difficulty sheds another 4.8%

19 Jul. 2021 – 16h15 PM 3 min reading – by Rudy Bauer
The BTC mining difficulty has decreased yet again by 4.81%, reaching 13.67 trillion after the adjustment on 18th July. ​Th…

Paraguay to become 100% renewable Bitcoin (BTC) mining giant

17 Jul. 2021 – 20h35 PM 5 min reading – by Nicolas Teterel
Paraguay has passed a bill to designed to support the country’s crypto mining industry. The bill was proposed by Congressmen C…

Cambridge data: Bitcoin (BTC) hash rate in China was already in free-fall pre-crackdown

17 Jul. 2021 – 16h05 PM 3 min reading – by Violaine Silverstein
The Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance reports that the Bitcoin (BTC) network computing power in China had alr…

Bitcoin (BTC) and mining regulation in Iran: a financial windfall for the country?

6 Jul. 2021 – 10h30 AM 3 min reading – by Geoffrey Smith
A draft law proposed by the Iranian Parliament’s Economics Committee aims to impose a legal framework on the use of cryptocurr…

New Bitcoin (BTC) mining facility for Greenidge Generation

5 Jul. 2021 – 16h45 PM 3 min reading – by Luc Jose Adjinacou
Great news for crypto users! Greenidge Generation announced its expansion to South Carolina for developing a new Bitcoin minin…

Ethereum (ETH) hashrate drops by 20% on the back of Chinese regulation

30 Jun. 2021 – 17h13 PM 3 min reading – by Pauline Dalban
Over recent weeks, a wind of fear has been blowing through the Chinese cryptocurrency market. Various announcements sugge…

Bitcoin (BTC) to see its mining difficulty drop to an all-time low

30 Jun. 2021 – 15h05 PM 3 min reading – by Luc Jose Adjinacou
The Bitcoin blockchain is going to see a record drop in mining difficulty. In general, the higher the difficulty is, the more …

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