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Why I am leaving to mine bitcoin in Canada in three weeks time

Wed 20 Jan 2021 ▪ 10 min of reading ▪ by Hellmouth B.

Feel Mining, the Alpine company which specialises in mining bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, is organising a campaign in the coming weeks to install bitcoin ASICs miners on a mining farm in Canada. BUT guess what the best bit is? Some lucky sods can be part of the trip! Why Canada? The main objective is to benefit from the extremely low electricity rates and ideal environment that is perfectly suited to the specifics of bitcoin mining. Luckily, it’s not too late to take advantage of the limited-time offer and have the opportunity to take part in the latest digital gold rush. Here are six reasons to take part in the trip.

This article is brought to you in partnership with Feel Mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, so always do your own research and due diligence investing only within your financial means. This article does not constitute investment advice.

By the way, for even faster and increased profitability, Feel Mining is offering a 5% discount on the whole of your order when using the code: TCT.

Because this may be the last chance for individuals to mine bitcoin profitably

It’s no secret to anyone, and certainly not to those who have been hanging around in the industry for some time now. As the years have rolled by, bitcoin mining is continuing to run away from its primary purpose: to be accessible to as many people as possible. The industry is currently facing a concentration of resources for two main reasons:

  • The potential profits are huge and could decide tomorrow’s economic powers
  • The mathematical difficulty has become so high that the operation is now inaccessible to the individual

As a direct result, faced with the giants who are increasingly monopolising the sector, it is getting harder to find a profitable opportunity. To give you an idea of ​​the imbalance of forces involved, take a look at our overview on the issue.

The blessed and vintage-style era of the adventurers who racked up large sums of bitcoin in 2011-12 with mid-range machines is sadly over. Today, the only hope of mining bitcoin successfully is by pooling computing power.

Joining a community and benefiting from strength in numbers is precisely what Feel Mining offers! Say goodbye to your garage and say hello to the frozen paradise of ASICs:

Mining bitcoin ‘Canadian’ style

Because this is probably the last (digital) gold rush

Between the upcoming halving, the mechanical scarcity of bitcoin (it tends to be hoarded by its owners), owning – and worse still mining – will soon be a difficult operation turned virtually impossible for ordinary folk like us.

In a few years, the term “Bitcoin” will moreover probably be reserved for exceptional transactions. The individual will get used to counting and thinking in ‘satoshi’, the smallest unit of bitcoin (one bitcoin = 100 million sats).

Being part of what may be the latest wave of pioneering bitcoin ‘gold panners’ is something exhilarating. It reconnects us to what probably the physical gold miners felt during their precious metal rush to the Klondike in the late 19th century.

Gold panning in Klondike, mining bitcoin in Canada: a century later it evokes the same emotions

Because I want to be able to say ‘I mined bitcoin myself’

The mining sector is therefore monopolised by a few giants of the sector whose approach is light years away from the original values ​​that Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, probably had in mind.

Bitcoin has become a tool for frenzied speculation. The biggest economic and institutional players are gradually getting more and more involved, if not already openly engaged in the industry.

Some will say that this is a very natural economic development and demonstrates the success that Bitcoin is having.

However, just like the pioneers of bitcoin mining a few years ago, I want to be able to concretely fulfil the promise embodied by the blockchain. The ability to mine your own bitcoin, the first decentralised, peer-to-peer, permissionless and trustless currency.

I also want the chance to not be forced to pay top dollar for bitcoin, where it is released drop by drop from those who have become whales and simply will end up being the new sheriffs in town.

So of course, my ASIC machines won’t whirl (I promise not to do my helicopter noise) throughout the middle of night in my living room, I’ll let Feel Mining do the hard work. I’ll purchase a contract online, and the company will go to Canada where it ensures a start by early March 2020 as part of the next routine site inspection.

In other words, the service is all inclusive, once you’ve paid, Feel Mining takes care of everything else. From the moment the ASICs are implemented, you will immediately begin to see your machine’s production in real time, all verifiable at a glance on your account.

To have my own Bitcoin mining machines in Canada

This is a bit of a follow-on point from the previous one. Having ownership of its means of production demonstrates you own a strong position. My machines, installed in Canada, work for me. Their relentless efforts provide me with bitcoin every minute of every day, it is a regularity that can be predicted and guaranteed algorithmically.

Antminer T17+ and S17+: two of the top mining machines

Without having to worry at all times about whether they are working (that’s Feel Mining’s job), the rigs will work continuously, guaranteeing me passive BTC income for years to come.

Because mining bitcoin in Canada is (really) profitable

We spoke last week about how mining bitcoin profitably is particularly complex.

Looking through Feel Mining’s services (which are presented to you in more detail here), you can see that profitability is there. In addition to the fact that the fees charged are both transparent and fair (10% of the net profits from your machines), the electricity rate in Canada is only around 5p per kWh (that’s around 2 to 3 times lower than here in the UK).

A quick calculation shows that each machine takes around 300-400 days (i.e 10-13 months) to turn a profit in Canada.

Return on investment (ROI) calculation when purchasing an Antminer S17+ (not including the 5% off code ‘TCT’)

In other words, once this amortisation period (i.e. the time in which you have to pay back your original investment) has passed, every single bitcoin mined will constitute a net profit (minus electricity (running) costs of course).

Remember that the electricity costs are directly deducted from your mining machine’s BTC production. In other words, once your rig has been purchased, there are no more fees or rent to pay. A solution that is both simple and easy to manage.

The machines are installed in a mining farm which is an environment specially designed to ensure their optimal operation and maximum lifespan.

Important: these simulations do not take into account the consequences of the upcoming halving (the division by half of block rewards). If you don’t know what halving is, read what it is here. Even if for many this event represents a likely increase in the value of bitcoin, never forget that the future can never be predicted. Make an informed investment decision.

For even better profitability, Feel Mining is currently offering a 5% discount to our readers when using the code: TCT.

An example? The Antminer S17+ mining rig, one of bitcoin’s mining war machines offered by Feel Mining, benefits from a discount of £99 and means you can be in profit even sooner.

The Asic Antminer S17+ and its beastly computing power of 67 TH/s

Note that you can also be a part of the Canadian opportunity with the less expensive rig, the Antminer T17+ and its honourable power of 55 TH/s (£1,200 excluding the 5% TCT discount).

Places are limited to join people like me mining bitcoin in Canada. The team will install the new machines in early March, provided they are ordered before 22nd February. Bitcoin mining apprentices therefore have another two weeks to order their equipment and be part of a trip of a lifetime plus get an exceptional price via the promo code ‘TCT’.

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