How everyone can profitably mine bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency: let Feel Mining guide you!

Wed 20 Jan 2021 ▪ 14 min of reading ▪ by Stepheer F.

TheCoinTribune is pleased to welcome the French company Feel Mining to the recently launched Mining Column. This column is a weekly meeting place of profitable cryptocurrency mining (from the king of all cryptocurrencies to the still undiscovered diamonds in the rough).

Mining, cloud mining, masternodes, staking…  It is here that we will talk about protocols, equipment and technology, consensus and decentralisation, whilst making sure it’s accessible as well as easy to understand.

Furthermore, we will also talk about investment and profitability! This is important because cryptocurrency mining, which is an inseparable component of how the blockchain works, has the opportunity to improve the world… while simultaneously creating history! Why would you deprive yourself of this feat?

Throughout this exciting adventure, who better than our friends from Feel Mining to embody this improbable but promising science?

This article is brought to you in partnership with Feel Mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, so always do your own research and due diligence. Only invest within your financial means. This article is provided for information only and does not constitute, and should not be construed as, investment advice.

Update: for even faster and better profitability, Feel Mining is offering a 5% discount on the whole of your order when using the code: TCT.

Feel Mining, the perfect partner

Whether you are an investor, a project leader or an editorial writer, there are two great dangers in our industry: falling for one of the many scams that the sector offers but equally being too suspicious and then missing out on the real gems.

However, the fine editorial line that TheCoinTribune wishes to tread is:

“To remain enthusiastic in the face of the industry’s dynamism which bubbles with innovation and creativity, while simultaneously not falling into some kind of blissful ignorance by headline grabbing words such as “crypto”, “blockchain” or “mining”, which clearly by themselves do not constitute investment-worthy projects.”

This is often a perilous exercise!

With all that said, when researching the Feel Mining team it quickly became apparent that both the company and the associated personalities breathe the same rigorous, serious and fine air of their base at the foot of the Alps in Grenoble!

Chloé, Nicolas, Didier and the rest of their team, in all their diversity of experience embody a rare blend of skills. Their potent combination of ‘fire and ice’ (that of Canada, and even Siberia, where Feel Mining conducts its mining operation from), rooted in Parisian ingenuity, all headed from the snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

21st century miners

Short-lived, fleeting companies, run by anonymous identities, housed by exotic tax havens pop up every day and vanish just as quickly, taking people’s dreams, and especially funds, away with them. Feel Mining, on the other hand, chose the much trickier path of complying with the French regulatory and fiscal framework. As you can probably imagine, French law is not reputed to be the most flexible when it comes to the subject of crypto or consumer protection.

So rest assured, your investments are safe, and the scenario of a general exit-scam is rather improbable. Let’s be clear: after battling with French bureaucracy and giving Thierry le tax-man free rein over your accounts, mining Bitcoin profitably seems pretty straight forward. 

With the regulatory hurdle out the way, Feel Mining could start offering a range of services that show the profitable nature of cryptocurrency mining (in all its rich variations), making the young company already a major player in the French crypto-mining sector. We will have the opportunity later to come back to this in more detail.

More fundamentally, however, Feel Mining quite literally offers every single person the opportunity to successfully immerse themselves in the exciting field of cryptocurrency mining.

The company understands that while mining’s commercial and financial importance is key, its main objective is perhaps even more fundamental: to allow as many people as possible to have access to the potential that the blockchain offers. Not only that, but also to understand the challenges of including banking, governance, autonomy… all securely into one platform. 

These are the opportunities that the start-up plans to make available to all, not just to the select privileged, rich and informed few!

Profitable Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining, anywhere and for anyone

Misconception numero uno: mining is expensive!

A modest budget shouldn’t stop someone from investing, and it’s even less of a reason to deprive themselves from the pleasures and satisfaction of mining Bitcoin et al.

This is the reason why Feel Mining has specific offers which allow – even for an investment of less than £100 – to have the same tools and functionalities, not to mention the same prospects of profitability, as investors with more substantial means.

This means – rather than a belly flop from the 10m board – you can start with a splash in the bath. In other words, Feel Mining gives you the chance to enter the game without being the secret son of a billionaire.

Need an example? Well, for less than £100 (correct at the time of writing) you can start benefiting from a share of Feel Mining’s computing power through their mining farms and start mining Bitcoin!

And for around £60, you can get a share of the masternodes of Syscoin.

Simply put, for the equivalent of a pair of nice trainers, you can not only take your first steps towards being a miner of cryptocurrency, but also towards improving your future wealth and financial inclusion.

Misconception number two: cryptocurrency mining is complicated!

The lack of awareness of this sector is caused by the belief it is opaque and complex, which in turn creates a high barrier to entry.

It’s hard to deny: the cryptocurrency mining industry can be intimidating. Cryptocurrency mining can give off the impression that it is reserved as an activity for the freakish hybrid of a Wall Street trader, a geek from The Big Bang Theory and a rebel teen-hooded hacker glued to his computer screen all night…

Image associée

This is where Feel Mining has worked hard to offer newcomers an experience that is both user-friendly and intuitive. Just five minutes scrolling the homepage will convince you that everything exudes simplicity and great ergonomic design. No contradictory information, everything is just pleasing and comprehensive.

Simple, basic, complete

Feel Mining’s product selection

Feel Mining offers three main families of products:

  • The purchase and operation of mining equipment (like ASICs – application-specific integrated circuits). The company offers a range of low-cost machines suited to beginners
  • Cloud mining contract subscriptions (BTC or ZEC at present)
  • Masternodes (full or shared)
  • Staking

Here you have four forms and approaches to cryptocurrency mining, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, have no fear! Feel Mining is here and will analyse them all with you safely and transparently. Once again, the user experience, customer support and ease of access are at the centre of the company’s core principles.

Whichever option you decide to go for, you will start generating income very quickly. Special mention to its cloud mining and masternode offerings, where the service is activated immediately (as soon as payment has been validated).

Your income will be visible in real time on the main dashboard and updated every five minutes.

“I feel good”: the user experience

Now we have put the crypto-pioneering aspect to one side, it’s all about finding the best user interface possible. Great UI = great UX.

The whole industry is generally in agreement that in order to attain the demand of the general public, a.k.a the famous mass adoption, it will be imperative to offer impeccable ergonomic services, which are secure yet user friendly.

Military precision

Excluding the drive to be the best in the mining field, Feel Mining’s CEO’s, Chloé Desenfans, background in pedagogy and education could perhaps be the reason why the company’s journey and vision strives for a faster and more comfortable user experience.

Nonetheless, despite the array of cryptocurrency mining services offered by the young company, their guiding principle can be simply summed up as: making your life easier while also allowing you to start collecting the fruits of your investment as quickly as possible.

All done through the both easy-to-understand and very well-rounded dashboard, signing up takes minutes and settling payment is as straightforward as any other internet transaction, with a wide range of payment methods available (Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and of course BTC, ETH and some more cryptocurrencies).

Whether you are managing the income from your masternodes, checking the performance of your cloud mining or – if you have opted for their hosting service – keeping a real-time eye on the state of your ASICs (i.e. its profitability, energy, temperature), everything can be controlled instinctively and with complete ease from their website.

You’re neither a technician nor an accountant? Doesn’t matter, Feel Mining takes care of everything.

As mentioned earlier, venturing into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining can be an adventure full of surprises (bad and good).

There are obscure calculations of profitability, a diverse list of hardware & software, not to mention the state of metaphysical solitude which faces amateur miners who find it difficult to understand why their machine they bought at a high price is happily vibrating loudly in the middle of their living room with replacement parts strewn around it…

Feel Mining helps its customers to save themselves from this apocalyptic vision of mining by taking care of all those unforeseen complications, as well as ones that aren’t even worth thinking about (let’s spare a thought for the poor Nicolas, Feel Mining’s COO, who takes on this task on your behalf).

Investors just have to watch their earnings accumulate in real time: the machines are ready to use (home software included), the masternodes are configured, the cloud mining managed by the technical team.

And since we are talking about gains..

Alone we go faster, together… we go further

This is one of the other creeds of our French friends: cryptocurrency mining must not only be simple and fun, but it must also be accessible to all budgets, even the most modest ones. This is precisely the approach which favours the collective.

Cloud mining and shared masternodes

Feel Mining was the first company to offer the opportunity to acquire shares of a masternode, thus avoiding the often heavy investment involved in acquiring a full masternode.

An example: a Divi Platnium full masternode requires collateral (a recoverable deposit) of over £100,000 (November 2020). However, thanks to Feel Mining’s shared masternode programme, it is possible to invest with as little as £505.

Not bad for a masternode that displays a ROI (Return on Investment) of 33.59%!

So, whether it’s a collective investment in masternodes, or the rental of part of Feel Mining’s mining power (through their cloud mining offer), the full meaning of community power is plain to see.

Fees and perspectives

Knowing that the level of service offered is so high, you might be surprised to find that the fees are relatively low. It would be better, however, to speak of commission deducted from the profitability of the mining products rather than fees.

Such an approach is particularly appreciated as it implies a strong solidarity with its customers. If the service generates little or no income, Feel Mining will also suffer. This means you have a system which is virtuous by nature and encourages the company to offer the most competitive products on the market.

Currently Feel Mining takes a very commendable 5% on masternode rewards and retains 5% of the power of hashrates for its hardware hosting services (we will study these in more detail next time).

For even better profitability, Feel Mining is currently offering a 5% discount to our readers when using the code: TCT.

And so this brings us to the end of our first chapter of the discovery of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining services offered by Feel Mining. There is plenty more to come… see you next time!

Just in case you thought this was a close-minded French start-up, we will conclude with a simple image. Hopefully this will give you a little idea of ​​their ambitions….

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