New Crypto Launch ‘Bitcoin ETF Token’ Nears $250,000 In Fundraising

Tue 14 Nov 2023 ▪ 5 min of reading ▪ by La Rédaction C. Press Release
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The launch of the first spot Bitcoin ETF in the US is inching closer to reality, and one crypto project is already capitalizing on the excitement.

Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin ETF Token (BTC ETF), a brand-new cryptocurrency tied to the approval milestones for a spot Bitcoin ETF, has raised nearly $250,000 so far in its ongoing presale.

With innovative tokenomics and prime positioning in the market, Bitcoin ETF Token aims to become the premier way for traders to speculate on the ETF approval process.

Bitcoin ETF Token Presale Buzzing with Impressive Fund Raise & Influencer Support

The presale for Bitcoin ETF Token is well underway, having raised an impressive $231,000 so far from enthusiastic crypto investors.

During the presale, investors have the opportunity to acquire 40% of the total BTCETF supply, amounting to 525 million tokens.

The presale price starts at a remarkably low $0.005 per token and will increase gradually as certain fundraising milestones are met.

Bitcoin etf

As such, presale participants who invest the earliest will receive the most attractive entry point – which could translate to significant potential gains if the token’s value rises post-launch.

The launch has garnered attention from leading crypto publications such as BeInCrypto, Yahoo Finance, Finbold, and Washington City Paper, contributing to significant industry buzz around BTCETF.

BTCETF has also caught the eye of some notable names in the crypto influencer space, including Alessandro De Crypto, who highlighted his optimism in a recent YouTube video.

The buzz has even spread to Bitcoin ETF Token’s socials – the project’s Twitter account and Telegram channel have seen enormous growth recently.

BTCETF Token Burns & Taxes Based on Real-World ETF Milestones

Unlike other crypto projects with vague roadmaps, Bitcoin ETF Token has built its entire tokenomics model around concrete milestones in the anticipated approval and launch of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the US.

Significant milestones like SEC approval, the first ETF trading day, and hitting $1 billion in assets under management are built into Bitcoin ETF Token’s smart contract.

When each milestone is hit in real life, the Bitcoin ETF Token’s contract automatically burns 5% of the total token supply as a deflationary measure.

This burn is permanent, reducing the circulating supply and putting upward pressure on the token’s price.

Bitcoin etf

Notably, the smart contracts that underpin this mechanism have been audited by Coinsult and found to have no issues or vulnerabilities.

Additionally, Bitcoin ETF Token imposes a 5% transaction tax, which decreases with each milestone achieved.

By tying itself to major external events, Bitcoin ETF Token has a unique advantage.

As the ETF approval process gathers pace, driven by market conditions beyond anyone’s control, BTCETF is strategically positioned to add value from the mounting hype.

Plans for Exchange Listings Post-Presale as BTCETF Team Lays Out Future Roadmap

With its presale phase in full swing, the team behind Bitcoin ETF Token has ambitious plans for the future.

Once the presale concludes, BTCETF will move towards listings on leading exchanges to boost liquidity and accessibility for investors.

The listings are expected to catalyze further demand for BTCETF as hype builds, leading to the SEC’s decision on a spot Bitcoin ETF.

If approved as expected, the launch of a spot BTC ETF could send shockwaves through the crypto market.

Bitcoin etf

As the first crypto project positioned to capitalize on this event, Bitcoin ETF Token could see significant upside if all goes to plan.

Even beyond the ETF catalyst, BTCETF has long-term utility as a way to speculate on Bitcoin’s price.

With some analysts speculating that Bitcoin could hit $150,000 next year, BTCETF could be an indirect way to gain exposure to any large price movements.

As the crypto community anticipates regulatory approval, Bitcoin ETF Token positions itself as a potentially ideal investment to capitalize on this excitement.

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