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PHILApp by Philcoin Releases New Updates Easing the Donation Process

Tue 22 Nov 2022 ▪ 4 min of reading ▪ by La Rédaction C. Press Release

PHILApp, one of the few approved decentralized applications available on iOS and Google App store, has released an upgraded version of its solution. 

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According to the team, the new update is fitted with a donate-and-earn element. This vital inclusion will help its global community, comprising members and firms, give better to worthy causes across the globe.

One critical update is Philcoin’s partnership with Indacoin and the subsequent release of an integrated payment gateway. Through this partnership, users can purchase the Philcoin token using their credit or debit card. Moreover, there is a Give and Get NFT program through which users will be rewarded for every successful and verified referral. By integrating NFTs, Philcoin is effectively creating an endless cycle because for users to unlock rewards, they will be first prompted to make donations. In addition, the new update will include PHILEducation for users to receive accredited soft skills courses freely. Tutors also have a chance to be part of the program, becoming accredited soft skills trainers.

Jerry Lopez, the founder of Philcoin, said this release further takes their initiatives in changing how people make donations to a “peer-to-peer” level. In this way, people on the ground get assistance “quickly, efficiently, and transparently.

Never before has philanthropy been on a peer-to-peer level. It’s always been from individuals to institutions or NGOs but never from one person to another. It’s created numerous challenges for philanthropists, especially in times of crisis when we cannot reach those in need instantly. PHILApp changes the way giving happens so we can finally assist individuals on the ground quickly, efficiently, and transparently. Each feature and product of the app has been developed with a donate-and-earn aspect, rewarding users for their selfless acts of giving. It’s a win-win solution that I am tremendously proud to bring to market because Philcoin will give unto your first.” 

The PHILApp is core to Philcoin, a project leveraging the blockchain, building a philanthropic movement changing how people give. Every year, billions of dollars are donated to benefit charities across the globe. 

Depending on the donor’s objective, monies can be funneled for conservation efforts, humanitarian reasons, and more. However, in the current setup, the donation process is opaque, resulting in the leakage of millions of dollars that could otherwise directly benefit benevolent organizations.

Philcoin is at the forefront of restoring confidence and faith in the multi-million donation industry. By tapping the blockchain, it becomes effortless for participants to track how funds are used and whether their donation positively impacts intended recipients. Besides improving transparency, the Philcoin project empowers end users, enabling them to take financial sovereignty.

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