Solana: Soon to be the Apple of Crypto?

Wed 31 May 2023 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Charlotte K.

Launched only in 2020, Solana is one of those layer 1 blockchains that already enjoys a certain level of recognition in the crypto market. In an interview, its co-founder even goes as far as declaring that Solana has the potential to be the Apple of crypto.

blockchain Solana
Solana has everything it takes to be the Apple of crypto,” says Raj Gokal (Source: https://twitter.com/TechCrunch/status/1663199518739906561)

Solana has the potential to achieve Apple’s success

Interviewed by TechCrunch on May 29, Raj Gokal didn’t hesitate to compare Solana to the American multinational company, Apple. According to him, his blockchain could very well rival the success of the hardware specialist. He explains that Apple’s success relies on two things: 

  • user experience 
  • performance

Solana shares these two principles,” he stated during the interview, adding, “Creating a seamless user experience is the secret to the success of any platform, be it a smartphone or a blockchain network.

According to the blockchain’s co-founder, Solana has always strived to create a network “that resembles the regular internet, even though it’s an entirely new financial internet.” To achieve this, they focus on building a fast, efficient, and scalable network. But that’s not all! The blockchain also aims to develop a user-friendly and accessible network for everyone.

Solana thus offers its users various products and services that facilitate access to platforms and all sorts of crypto applications.

Is the blockchain trying to compete with Apple with its “Saga”?

Saga is a Web3-focused Android smartphone launched in April by the Solana blockchain. Essentially, Saga allows its users to experience decentralized applications in a different way.

Although not explicitly expressed, Gokal made it clear that Solana’s Saga smartphone is not afraid to compete with Apple products.

For many members of the crypto community, this is quite a bold vision. Only time will tell if Solana will live up to its claim. Currently, the SOL token holds the eighth position in terms of market capitalization.

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