Bitcoin (BTC) 32 409.86 2.18%
Ethereum (ETH) 2 112.48 3.04%
Chainlink (LINK) 19.28 1.79%
Litecoin (LTC) 116.80 2.92%
Polkadot (DOT) 14.61 4.18%
Cardano (ADA) 1.10 0.59%

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Breaking News

Ethereum (ETH) 360 #19: 2nd August, 2021

2 Aug. 2021 – 21h51 PM 2 min reading – by Akinabourse
Hello everyone, welcome to a new installment of Ethereum 360! Feels great to see plenty of green after a good week on the crypto market. Is this a simple rebound or trend reversal? Let’s dissect E…


Ripple lawyers request Binance docs to fight off SEC’s charges

15h25 PM 3 min reading – by Arnaud De Montbrial
Brad Garlinghouse’s lawyers have requested Binance, the largest crypto exchange, to provide them with documents which might he…

Marathon Digital buys another 30,000 bitcoin miners worth $120M

12h06 PM 2 min reading – by Karen Jouve
Nasdaq-listed Bitcoin (BTC) mining firm Marathon Digital announced a new purchase deal with Bitmain to buy 30,000 units of min…

Tether prints new USDT nonstop, contrary to rumours

2 Aug. 2021 – 16h13 PM 3 min reading – by Rudy Bauer
Tether (USDT) CTO Paolo Ardonio refuted the widespread belief that the company stopped printing new tokens two months ago. …


Square generates $2.72B through Bitcoin (BTC)

13h25 PM 2 min reading – by Violaine Silverstein
Cash App, the peer-to-peer transaction service from Jack Dorsey’s financial services company Square, generated $2.72 billion i…

Voyager to acquire Coinify for $84M

10h51 AM 2 min reading – by Greg Hansen
Cryptocurrency broker Voyager Digital has agreed to buy crypto payment company Coinify in a deal valued about $84M (~£60M) in …

PayPal seeks out 100+ blockchain specialists

0h32 AM 3 min reading – by Karen Bombersnoot
PayPal is hiring more than a hundred specialists to work on the upcoming cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. The core reas…


Pay in Crypto

Lunu, a crypto payments pioneer, enters fashion with L’Exception

12 Jul. 2021 – 22h45 PM 4 min reading – by Gaétan Lajeune
As time goes on, cryptocurrencies become an important part of our daily life. A problem, however, remains — how to spend your …

Athena Bitcoin to install 1,500 ATMs in El Salvador

28 Jun. 2021 – 14h30 PM 3 min reading – by Pauline Dalban
The seemingly impossible is possible: El Salvador is installing 1,500 ATMs, says El Salvador President and Athena representati…

50,000 EV charging stations in Europe to accept crypto payments

27 Jun. 2021 – 23h31 PM 3 min reading – by Mbolatiana Rama
Two European payment firms have joined into partnership to enable crypto payments at 50,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging sta…
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