NFT: The Girles Token successfully launches its presale

Mon 17 Oct 2022 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by La Rédaction C. Press Release

The NFT GameFi token created on the Ethereum platform, Girles Token, is now available for presale for every investor. The token’s massive presale has raised over $1.2 million and continues to delight investors. Early stage investors have more attractive terms of up to 200% than later stage inventors. The main product of Girles Metaverse is Girles Token, which consists of NFT Metaverse, P2E Alliance, and Staking Contracts.

Girles Token NFT

What is the vision and mission of Girls Project?

The Girles Metaverse team is actively developing a P2E server in Minecraft, setting up quests on which investors can earn real money on a play-to-earn basis. The team believes this innovation will significantly increase the crypto community and attract a huge number of new investors, since Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games in the world!

NFT Metaverse is at the core of the Girles Metaverse project. Users used to call NFTs “just pictures,” but Girles Metaverse proved otherwise. The developers offer investors a separate product, where NFT can be not only the author’s works, but also lands / game items that can also be used in P2E games, in NFT Staking, whereby placing NFT on staking, investors will receive Girles Tokens, and in the future can take back the NFT, as well as to the NFT Box, and NFT Burning, whereby burning NFT on the Ethereum platform, investors receive exclusive bonuses.

Investors can mint NFTs, hold them, and buy or sell them on the NFT Market. The team has been actively working to expand the community and refine Tokenomics for NFTs, which means that NFTs have significant growth potential.

The right time to invest?

With a strong and outgoing community, The Girles Metaverse team keeps improving the cryptocurrency world by adding new custom developments. The Girles Metaverse team has passed KYC with Solidproof and posted links to their LinkedIn accounts, guaranteeing the legality of the project. The Girles Metaverse community implements over 15 products.

About Girles

Girles Metaverse is a modern crypto community that has been developing a cryptocurrency token since 2022. The goal of Girles Metaverse is to simplify the cryptocurrency world and develop individual ideas!

Want to learn more about Girles? Check out their website or their telegram group. If you are interested in buying Girles tokens, this is where it all happens.

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