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This Former Goldman Executive Invested 80% of His Crypto Wallet in Solana!

Fri 19 Apr 2024 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by Eddy S.
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Solana has not been spared by the general slowdown of the crypto market in recent weeks. However, despite a 4.83% drop over the last 24 hours, a former Goldman Sachs executive made a surprising revelation. Raoul Pal, confided that 80% of his crypto portfolio is invested in the digital asset SOL. Let’s decrypt the reasons why this savvy investor is betting big on Solana.

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Crypto: Raoul Pal Invests 80% of His Portfolio in Solana! Why?

First, it’s worth noting that Raoul Pal was originally an avid supporter of ethereum crypto. However, the recent performance of Solana has convinced him to reconsider his position. Thus, Pal was enticed by the metric data and market trajectory of Solana, which seems more promising than that of its rival Ethereum in the short and medium term.

Moreover, the connectivity between Solana and Bitcoin is another element that has convinced Pal, knowing that SOL should be able to greatly benefit from the upcoming Bitcoin Halving. This positive correlation with the queen of crypto reassures the former Goldman Sachs executive about the prospects of Solana.

An Alternative to Ethereum’s Congestion?

Beyond the numbers, other aspects of Solana attract Raoul Pal. He is also charmed by the crypto’s ability to position itself as a credible alternative to Ethereum’s chronic congestion. Indeed, the Ethereum network has long suffered from scaling issues, especially during activity spikes.

However, in recent months, Solana has established itself as an ultra-fast blockchain with low transaction fees, thus offering a much smoother user experience. This competitive advantage has not escaped Raoul Pal, who sees in Solana a way to take advantage of the growth of Web3, without the drawbacks of Ethereum.

In the end, Raoul Pal’s revelation about his massive investment in the Solana crypto illustrates the growing appeal of this cryptocurrency among savvy investors. Despite the current market retreat, the former Goldman Sachs executive remains convinced of the long-term potential of SOL, which he now deems to be more efficient and more scalable than Ethereum.

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