Pepecoin generates more social engagement than its biggest rivals!

Tue 16 May 2023 ▪ 3 min of reading ▪ by La Rédaction C.
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The social analytics platform LunarCrush has conducted a cryptocurrencies analysis in terms of social engagement, revealing that Pepecoin (PEPE) competes with well-established major cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a look at the results of LunarCrush’s analysis.

Pepecoin, Bitcoin and Shiba Inu logos

Here’s how Pepecoin surpasses Bitcoin and Shiba Inu

Pepecoin, based on the frog meme, is among the cryptocurrencies to watch, according to an expert. Additionally, LunarCrush has revealed that this new memecoin generates more social engagement than its rival SHIB. It even surpasses the flagship cryptocurrency in terms of social activity. In fact, Bitcoin (BTC) ranks second in social engagement, following Pepecoin (PEPE), while Shiba Inu (SHIB) found itself in the seventh position.

In concrete terms, Pepecoin witnessed a significant surge in social engagement on social media on May 13th. Discussions and mentions related to Pepecoin also increased significantly after a tweet from Elon Musk. The Tesla CEO indirectly mentioned the PEPE crypto in a tweet. He explained constitutional amendments in the same tweet using the memecoin PEPE. 

The official Pepecoin account responded to Musk’s post by declaring, “seize the memes of production,” a play on the phrase “seize the means of production.” Shortly after, the token’s price experienced an unexpected increase. Currently, the new memecoin is trading at around $0.000001732.

LunarCrush data suggests that the community actively and strongly engages in social conversations about the memecoin. To measure participation, analysts considered metrics such as likes, retweets, comments, and bookmarks. They also looked at subscriptions to influential accounts related to the cryptocurrency.

There is another factor contributing to the increased social engagement activity of Pepecoin (PEPE): the distribution campaign of one billion PEPE tokens by Gemini. The cryptocurrency exchange decided to celebrate the listing of PEPE on its platform by offering one billion PEPE tokens to a lucky winner. To be eligible, one of the announced criteria is to retweet the PEPE message published by the Gemini exchange. Ultimately, Gemini’s program will likely further fuel the memecoin frenzy. However, the Head of Research at Matrixport believes that only a few investors will win the jackpot.

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